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Guide To 4G

The future of mobile connectivity has arrived. With faster internet connections and better signal coverage, 4G is definitely a big deal. To help you understand 4G a little better, we’ve put together an in-depth guide on everything you need to know about the next generation in mobile connectivity.

  • Our guide to 4G aims to help you:
  • Understand what 4G means
  • Experience the benefits of 4G
  • Discover what you need to access 4G

What is 4G?

4G simply means “fourth generation” and refers to the latest technology advancements in mobile phone communication standards. Following on from 3G, the 4G network uses an all-IP packet switched network to deliver calls, texts and data over a circuit switched service.

The boost in mobile phone signal and coverage across the UK will allow smartphone users to enjoy clearer phone calls and faster internet browsing speeds.

How much faster is 4G than 3G?

At the time of launch, 4G download speeds were recorded as five times faster than a 3G connection. With the national average for 3G downloads listed as between 1.5 Megabits per second (Mbps), basic 4G plans will set you up for a speedy download rate of 7.5 Mbps.
4G also provides a faster average uploading speed of at least 6 Mbps; three times faster than average 3G levels.

Benefits of faster 4G

  • Video Streaming

    Whether you love streaming episodes of Breaking Bad from Netflix or just chuckling over crazy cat videos on YouTube, upgrading to a 4G connection will allow you to view content without the wait. Say no to paused videos and buffering. Say yes to faster loading times.

    Check out this video from EE, testing 4G vs 3G.

How do i get 4G?

Which network is best for 4G?

Offering double speeds compared to when it launched in 2012, EE is the most established network available in 160 towns and cities. The recent arrival of O2 and Vodafone 4G coverage means there are now more options available to those who live in an area with 4G accessibility.

With all three networks striving to deliver 4G coverage to 98% of the UK population by 2015, it’s fair to say 4G will soon be available to the majority of smartphone users.

Is my phone 4G compatible

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Where is 4G available?

As the 4G rollout continues to expand, superfast internet is becoming available to more towns and cities across the UK. Our up to date 4G map advises which networks are offering 4G on your doorstep; helping you take full advantage of
the 4G revolution.

View our 4G Coverage Map


Does 4G use more data than 3G?

Check out our in depth peice on data usage with 4G.

Does 4G drain battery life faster?

We've tested numerous 4G devices. Read our blog on 4G battery usage and our recommended tips.

Will 4G get faster?

We like 4G, but how fast is 4G really and can we expect more

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