Samsung Gear VR

Eye to Eye: How the Note 4 Works with Samsung Gear VR

Samsung’s pre-IFA event was one of the most exciting we’ve ever seen. The introduction of the Note 4 was widely expected, but it still shone through. The Galaxy Note Edge, a variant of the Note 4 with an edge to edge display, is looking like a superb bit of kit as well. But it was the emergence of the Samsung Gear VR which has really got the world’s media drooling.

But what exactly is the Samsung Gear VR? How do you use it? If you fancy finding out about the hardware which has got everyone so excited, you might want to stick around.

Samsung Gear VR

What is Samsung Gear VR?

Simply put, Samsung Gear VR is Samsung’s take on the virtual reality market. It requires you to wear a wireless headset to give you a truly immersive experience in tandem with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Working in partnership with Oculus, the company currently leading the way in virtual reality technology, Samsung Gear VR is a wearable that lets you get closer to the action. Implementing 360 degree media, it has huge amounts of untapped potential in the gaming and entertainment market.

How can it be used?

Samsung Gear VR is currently only usable with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and works by sliding the phablet into the headset’s front panel. The Gear VR then uses the Note 4’s 5.7” QHD display to give the user a perspective of looking at a 175” screen from 2 metres away.

Using the controls located on the headset you can select the video, game or app you want to make use of, then you will be sent into the virtual reality of that chosen software. Also, if your focus is out, a simple dial on top of the kit can help you alter it to your taste.

Note 4 Gear VR

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The Gear VR obviously lends itself to the gaming and entertainment world, helping the user become an integral part of the game, or immersing them into their favourite film or TV show. But other uses have some serious traction as well.


Imagine being able to teach a child about the human body by letting them take a peek inside themselves? Gear VR has the potential to do exactly that! In fact you could guide a whole classroom of students through any part of the human body, giving them a more interactive experience than a school book.


Some jobs require years of training before you’re ready to get started- soldiers, firefighters and astronauts are perfect examples of proffesions that would be ideal for the Gear VR. By placing a soldier in a virtual warzone, you could get a good judge on their abilities before testing them in the field, for example.


Can’t book a time to make a house viewing? Well the Gear VR could come to the rescue yet again. Instead of setting foot in the house, you could get a great view of the entire property just by using the headset.

Samsung Gear VR

Specs and Details

Boasting a 96 degree viewing angle, as well as implementing 3D video at 60fps, the Gear VR could well be the future of wearable technology. Samsung has already confirmed that several games and 360 degree videos will be included with the Gear VR, with more to be made available through the Note 4 upon its release.

Partnerships with Marvel, DreamWorks and Legendary Pictures have already been made, meaning it shouldn’t just be a flash in the pan for the Gear VR. All you need to do is pick up the headset along with a Note 4 handset when they both arrive in the near future.

At the moment it looks as though the Gear VR will be working exclusively with the Note 4, but other future handsets could also try and work their hand with the technology as well. Beneficially, if you suffer from near-sightedness or far-sightedness, Samsung has guaranteed that the technology will still work, which is a nice touch.

Reports are currently pricing the Gear VR up at just £150, but this is a rumoured price tag for now which could change ahead of its yet unknown commercial release date. Either way, it’s looking like the Samsung Gear VR could be one of the most exciting pieces of tech for a long while.

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