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TouchID on the iPhone 6

TouchID on iPhone 6: How secure is it?

With leaked pictures, data theft and password protection making headlines on a daily basis, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise to see privacy being taken as seriously as ever on our smartphones. And thankfully Apple isn’t planning on slacking on security with iOS 8, updating TouchID to ensure that the things you want kept safe are exactly that, safe.

So what can you do to secure your data with this new-fangled version of TouchID? Can your fingerprint really be the key to keeping your information private? Take a look here as we guide you through how you can use TouchID to secure your apps!

What is TouchID?

First implemented with the iPhone 5s, TouchID uses biometric data for access to your iPhone as well as letting you pay for apps from the App Store. It’s a simple process; using the iPhone’s home button as a fingerprint scanner, it reads your registered print, unlocking your phone securely.

But with the iPhone 6, the fingerprint scanning technology is seeing a host of changes to help keep your data locked away safer than ever before. So if you were underwhelmed by TouchID on the iPhone 5s, we can guarantee you won’t be with Apple’s latest effort.


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Protect your Apps with TouchID

Humungous monthly bills have hit headlines fairly regularly since the conception of in-game app purchases, mainly thanks to children downloading games without their parents’ knowledge. This could soon be a thing of the past though, with TouchID taking the mantle on the iPhone 6.

With in-game purchases requiring TouchID verification to complete, it means that parents’ wallets should be much healthier, as long as kids aren’t allowed to register their own fingerprints on the handsets!

Similarly, the same feature from last year which requires App Store purchases to be verified via fingerprint is also staying put, which means that expensive apps and in-store purchases racking up bills should be a thing of the past.

Apple Pay on the iPhone 6

One of the most exciting features of TouchID is Apple Pay which promises to take the place of your wallet or purse in the not-so distant future. It utilises Near Field Communication (NFC), to allow contactless payments, much like the credit and debit card technology which has only recently made an appearance in the UK.

You can register your details by simply taking a picture of your chosen credit or debit card with your phone, or by manually entering the details. Any information is then changed into a unique account number and security code, which is stored in the super-safe secure element of the device.

So if you’re out shopping for groceries or even for a new outfit, you can simply hold your iPhone over the contactless receiver and let your fingerprint do the work. Also, using the Find my iPhone app, you can wipe all the data off your phone if your device happens to get lost or stolen, so you won’t need to worry about fraudsters having their way with your bank details.

Already rolled out in America, it may be while until we see Apple Pay in the UK. No official launch date has been announced yet, however, Apple has said that it is “working hard” to bring it to more countries.

Apple Pay on iPhone

More privacy with iOS 8!

With TouchID on the iPhone 6, security has been pushed up a notch by allowing access verification on apps. This essentially means to log into an app, you’ll need to supply your fingerprint as proof it’s you, much like a secure password.

Third party apps have already jumped on board as well, with the likes of 1Password, Amazon and Evernote to name a few. Now a password is no longer required, with your fingerprint doing the trick when trying to gain access.

This obviously adds an extra layer of security for your personal details. 1Password for example, an app which is purely there to protect passwords for Facebook, Twitter and any other website you can think of just got a whole lot safer. Anyone can spot you typing in a password if you aren’t paying attention, but try and copy someone’s fingerprint, that’s what makes the iPhone 6 so secure.

Are our iPhones safer with TouchID?

It shouldn’t take much convincing to prove that TouchID makes almost every part of our iPhones more secure. With its functionality reaching far beyond the simple lock screen and app purchasing capabilities shown on the iPhone 5s, TouchID looks loads safer on the iPhone 6.

Of course, naysayers will be out there criticising Apple fans for using the technology, especially those who don’t like the idea of a company controlling such secure and intimate details about our identities. But in reality it’s highly unlikely that Apple will be playing around with this sort of information with any flagrancy. When it comes down to it, there is no feature currently safer than TouchID on any mainstream flagship smartphone. So it makes sense to utilise it.

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