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S6 Edge display

Getting to Grips with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Display

Curved displays still have a rather untested aura around them – only a few manufacturers have really given them a fair punt, namely Samsung and LG. This was buoyed most recently by the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which again uses the Edge display featured from its Galaxy Note counterpart.

But after getting a look at the S6 Edge, has Samsung thrown us a curve-ball? Or are we finally seeing the hype around curved screens begin to prosper? We take a look with our hands-on Galaxy S6 Edge display review!

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What is the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

The first Samsung Galaxy phone to feature a three sided display, the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a real trend setter. Varying from its flagship counterparts with its multi-faceted screens, the Edge phone offers extra features and easier controls compared to other devices on the market.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Specs are ported across into the S6 Edge, so you won’t find many internal differences whatsoever, it’s the design which offers the most noticeable change.

Galaxy S6 Edge vs Samsung Galaxy S6

Galaxy S6 Edge Phones

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Being released alongside the new Samsung Galaxy S6, it’s safe to say that the S6 Edge faces some stiff competition from its flagship brethren. The real decision consumers have to face however is with its design – as well as dealing with the amount of cash they’d like to spend.

Whilst prices are yet to be confirmed, it’s widely expected that the S6 Edge will be more expensive than the standard S6. This means that if you want some of the extra Samsung Galaxy features the S6 Edge brings, you’ll have to stump up the cash for it.

There is only one real difference internally between both Samsung handsets –  the S6 Edge battery sizes up at 2600mAh rather than 2550mAh like on the S6. Also, the S6 Edge is ever so slightly lighter than the S6, but is fractionally thicker.

It’s the display which will be the deal-breaker between the two, offering several features (which we’ll get onto soon) seen on the likes of the Note Edge.

You won’t be seeing a drop in performance between either device, and the majority of the differences are aesthetic, but if you like the idea of some of the features that come with it, the S6 Edge might be for you.

A Smaller Note Edge?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs Note Edge

One of the few other Samsung Galaxy models which offers a curved screen – some might consider the Note Edge as a sort of predecessor to the S6 Edge. But whilst this could be a common conception, there are still a number of differences between the two devices.

Firstly, the Note Edge boasts just a single curved display, whilst also basing that on a larger screen. Also, the internal specs are much improved on the new Samsung handset – making it a more powerful device as well.

Essentially, the S6 Edge has continued the work previously begun by the Note Edge. One last comparison point between the two is availability; whilst the Note Edge was seen as a specialty device, many are seeing the S6 Edge as a more widely available piece of hardware, meaning it should be found more readily.

Benefits of the Samsung Curved Phone

Galaxy S6 Edge Phone

Whilst obviously offering an aesthetic improvement over a standard display, the main benefit that comes with the S6 Edge is based heavily with the Samsung Galaxy software it brings along for the ride.

The most recognisable and easy to use feature is that it displays the time even when it’s in sleep mode. Whilst this isn’t exactly ground-breaking, it does come in handy quite often – especially if you’re busy with other things.

Another useful feature which you might not know about is the colour coding function, which allows your display on the S6 Edge to glow a certain colour when a chosen contact is calling. This means that if the phone is face down, you’ll know who’s calling already.

Other features include notification tickers and a quick settings panel – both of which also featured on the Note Edge but are still as useful on the new Samsung Galaxy handset.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Our Verdict

Whilst the differences might not be vast between the S6 Edge and its Samsung compatriots, it’s safe to say that its defining feature is its display – which is certainly one of the most intuitive on the market. It brings numerous features and looks truly superb, something which can’t always be said of some other flagship devices.

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