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Are the Nokia X, X+ and XL Worthwhile handsets?

Nokia Android Phones Review: Meet the X, X+ and XL

Nokia finally broke the Windows Phone trend this year, announcing the Nokia X, X+ and XL at MWC in Barcelona. All three of these devices support a slightly slanted version of Android’s operating system but with a pinch of Windows design.

We’re here to guide you through all three of these controversial Android devices in our Nokia smartphone trio review.

Nokia X

Previously codenamed the ‘Normandy’, rumours reached us just before Christmas of a renegade Nokia handset which was verging away from the Windows Phone domination we’ve seen over recent times.

Of course we all discarded the information, resting safe in the thought that Microsoft would instantly oppose any such idea. However, much to our surprise, the Nokia X soon emerged, giving everyone a lot to talk about.Is the Nokia X's OS a Good One?

The first thing you really notice about the Nokia X is the slightly contorted operating system it offers. Rather than going down the usual Android route, Nokia has added its own touch to the X, offering a very simple mix between the Android we all know and love, and Windows’ successful live tile design.

The handset itself comes in an array of bright colours and is incredibly well designed, giving you a simple, but effective smartphone.

It isn’t exactly a powerhouse under the hood, but it doesn’t have to be, especially for its extremely low price, just €89, which comes to approximately £75 in the UK.

The Nokia X sports a 4-inch display on top of a dual-core 1GHz processor and 512MB RAM, as well as packing in a 3 megapixel camera.

For a mid-range phone, it does the job very well, and for those after an intuitive operating system that is almost the perfect blend of Windows and Android, you can’t really go wrong, unless you fancy a bit more power…

Nokia X+ Android upgrade

Did somebody say more power? Well if you’re happy to pay a slightly higher price (approximately £10 more to be precise), then why not go for the X+?Nokia X+ review

To put it in the simplest terms, the X+ is almost identical to the Nokia X handset, only with a few slight upgrades to the hardcore specs.

The X­+ features a memory card slot with a 4GB card included in the price. It also packs a bit more RAM, upping the count from 512MB to 768MB, which offers the user a bit more bang for his buck.

Another plus for the Nokia X+ is that it retains the same Windows/Android hybrid OS as the X, along with the range of bright and attractive colours.

And for just an extra tenner, you definitely can’t pass over this upgraded version of the Nokia X.

Go big for the Nokia XL

The final handset of the Nokia trio of Android smartphones is the Nokia XL. The device is the ideal handset for those who want to team the power of the X+ with a large display.

The screen size has been given an upgrade of an inch from the X and X+, stretching it to 5-inches, with the RAM and memory card slot of the X+ sticking around.

Another area which sees a nice improvement is the camera, which moves up from the 3.15MP offering of the X and X+ to 5MP, a more photo-friendly option for sure.

You also find a brand new selfie snapper on the front side of the handset as well, which is a respectable 2MP effort, allowing you to make video calls over Skype or get your Snapchat going into overdrive.

The final change for the XL is a nice battery boost, going up from the 1,500 mAh energy supplier in the two smaller handsets, to a 2,000 mAh effort.Is the Nokia XL Worth your Cash?

The price is the last thing to head upward, costing you approximately £10 more than the X+, or £20 more than the Nokia X.

Other than that, everything else stays identical to the X+, including the processor and general colourful design.

The Nokia XL will be available for purchase slightly later than the Nokia X, most probably at the same time as the X+ later on this spring.

Verdict on Nokia Android smartphones

Although you won’t be seeing the most powerful handsets on the market with these three handsets, you certainly won’t be disappointed with the value for money you’ll get with them.

All three offer a fresh perspective on the operating system battle, mixing the Android and Windows styles brilliantly.

If you’re after a handy mid-range handset with a great look and even better operating system, you should definitely consider picking up one of these three hybrid handsets from Nokia.

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