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What can we expect from the Nokia Lumia 635 with 4G?

5 Benefits of 4G on the Nokia Lumia 635

Until now, 4G has often been restricted to expensive flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8, meaning the higher speeds are only being accessed by those willing to pay more. But now, with the introduction of the Nokia Lumia 635, it looks like 4G speeds are no longer being kept in a more costly gated community.

But what benefits does 4G hold for Lumia 635 users? Will the differences prove noticeable enough for other mid-range handsets to pack the mobile data connection? Well we’re here to take a look, so strap on that seat belt, because we’re about to hit some 4G velocity right here!

More Smartphone Apps, Faster than ever!

4G is obviously ideal for apps no matter what way you think about it; with the faster connection obviously meaning that apps can be downloaded faster than before when out and about. It doesn’t stop there though, with plenty of apps relying on an internet connection to complete their tasks as well, meaning the actual running of our apps will speed up as well.

Uploading a video to Vine will be a piece of cake, scrolling down your Instagram feed will be a seamless experience and taking a quick look at your favourite YouTube videos will no longer be hampered by loading times. Simply put, you’ll be allowed to download and use your apps in a much shorter time compared to your old 3G handset, and who wouldn’t want that?

Nokia Music, with no Interruptions

Nothing grinds a party to a halt more than a lack of tunes, and one of the major causes of this is buffering times when streaming them. The Nokia MixRadio app is one such feature that requires a solid mobile service to keep the music going, so why should it suffer with a shaky internet connection?

Thankfully, with 4G at the helm, the Nokia Lumia 635 won’t be taking a break halfway through the latest Taylor Swift or Jay-Z hit, making your parties a success. So, if you’re planning a rave for the weekend, you might have 99 problems, but a decent internet connection isn’t going to be one of them!

Nokia Lumia 635 - Mix Radio

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4G Speed on a Budget!

As we mentioned earlier on, 4G speed isn’t exactly the cheapest option for smartphone users, with most of the phones featuring it priced in the high-end bracket of the tech market. Just take a look at some of the handsets featuring it; the iPhone 5s, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia Z2 are all placed firmly in flagship territory, pricing them out of many consumers’ pockets.

Enter the Nokia Lumia 635, priced at a very bank account friendly £140 sim-free, or £10-£20 on a monthly deal, much cheaper than the average iPhone contract for sure. So if you’re worried about 4G costing you an arm and a leg on your next phone contract, you needn’t worry!

Find your way with Nokia HERE Maps

4G isn’t all about keeping you entertained you know. In fact, it has some extremely practical uses as well, and keeping you headed in the right direction is one of them. Nokia has included its well-drilled HERE Maps app on the Lumia 635, and 4G data helps it keep you on track.

With the fastest mobile connection behind the scenes, you’ll be kept updated on your route no matter how far you happen to be travelling. Also, if you need a different route, 4G will help calculate it faster than ever, meaning you won’t be stuck in traffic when you could be cruising on the open road with your Lumia 635 in tow.

Nokia Lumia 635 HERE maps on 4G

Social Success!

Social media is arguably the biggest use for our smartphones nowadays, long overtaking the likes of text messaging and phone calls, which sometimes seem like a bit of a back-up feature. The Lumia 635 knows this, and has integrated all of your contacts in very handy People Hub, which gathers all your contacts’ details together to allow for all forms of communication at great speed.

4G only helps improve this feature further; by letting you scroll through your best friend’s (or your crushes) Facebook feed faster than ever. Even scrolling through Twitter or Google+ is cranked up to breakneck speeds thanks to the 4G connection, meaning you can keep in contact with your friends at a fast a speed as possible!


We all sort of knew that 4G was a great idea when we first heard about it; improving the speed we can do anything related to an internet connection. But it’s only now we’re seeing it reach the consumer not willing to fork out big bucks for it, and we couldn’t be happier.

Not only are we happy about the price though, the Lumia 635 itself is a great smartphone, packing plenty of features capable of showing off its brand new mobile data connection. So, if you’re after a smartphone capable of running at super-high speeds online, but also being user-friendly and nice to your bank account, look no further than the Lumia 635!

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