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Do you want a -premium smartphone on a tight budget? The HTC Desire 816 features many of the same specs, features and camera as the new HTC One M8.

Top features of the HTC Desire 816 phablet

Despite all the attention being cast at the newly released HTC One M8, HTC has a whole range of smartphones up its sleeve this year designed to step up its offering to the ever competitive market.

The HTC Desire 816 is one such device, and after launching at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this phablet has blown us away with its larger than life display and glossy finish.

Here are the top 5 features in our HTC Desire 816 review…

1.     Premium plastic

Ok, ok. So the HTC Desire 816 might not be made of the same aluminium casing as the HTC One or One M8. But don’t be fooled, this isn’t any ordinary mid-range plastic-clad smartphone.

The Desire 816 in many ways matches the premium look of HTC’s flagship handsets; with its smooth rounded design and glossy finish, you could be fooled into thinking that the device was a top of the range smartphone.

And, thanks to HTC’s design team, the Desire 816 adds a touch of colour to the mobile scene, with handsets available in glistening white, blue, orange, black, grey and green.

HTC Desire 816 design

Although, at 5.5-inches, the Desire 816 might be larger than your average smartphone, considering its long and thin design, the phablet doesn’t feel as big or clunky as other phablets, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and HTC One Max.

2.     Premium specs on a mid-range smartphone

It’s not just on the outside that the HTC Desire 816 is blowing us away, either. Under the hood, the phablet is powered by a massive quad-core 1.6GHz processor, which is backed up by 1.5GHz of RAM. When you consider that these are the same internal features as a top dollar smartphone, then the Desire 816 is a steal!

And you don’t have to worry about this HTC phablet letting you down when it comes to battery. With a massive 2600mAh battery powering the device, you’ll be sure it’ll last the whole day whatever you’re doing, be it watching movies, snapping photos or playing games on your 5.5-inch screen.

3.     A 13 megapixel camera

HTC above all knows what’s important to its users, and that’s an incredible camera on a device which doesn’t cost the earth. The HTC Desire 816 ticks both of these boxes, allowing it to compete with far more expensive flagship models currently on the market.

On top of its massive 13MP rear facing lens, which is rarely seen on a smartphone of this calibre, the HTC phablet features a 5 megapixel front facing camera, which should please snap happy selfie-lovers out there too.

What’s more, the phablet even boasts HTC’s infamous Zoe feature, allowing you to automatically generate 30 second video highlights that bring together your finest memories.

4.     HTC BoomSound dual frontal speakers

And HTC hasn’t stopped there when it comes to packing in features: the Desire 816 also sports a set of incredible BoomSound dual frontal speakers usually only seen on HTC’s flagship smartphones.

HTC Desire 816 BoomSound speakers

Because the phablet’s speakers are on the front of the device, your audio doesn’t sound muffled, and with BoomSound technology built into the smartphone, the Desire 816 can definitely shout the loudest when it comes to playing the latest tunes, games or movies.

So forget Samsung’s Group Play or Sony’s Walkman, the HTC Desire 816 phablet is your number one mid-range smartphone for music fanatics.

5.     Sixth Sense and BlinkFeed

Although the Desire phablet was initially announced with HTC Sense 5.5 on board, with the launch of Sense 6, or Sixth Sense, the 816 is able to offer a whole range of new and exciting features.

Want to learn more about HTC Sense? Here is our rundown of the best HTC Sense 6 features on the new HTC One M8.

And one of the best features on the HTC Desire 816 has got to be HTC BlinkFeed. BlinkFeed is HTC’s own take on Android, and features a continuous stream of articles, news stories and social media posts which update in real time. Sense 6’s version of BlinkFeed also allows you to customise your feed even further with your own hobbies and interests,which is another reason why the Desire 816 is such a great mid-range smartphone!

Also, the inclusion of Android KitKat on the Desire phablet makes this one of the most up to date Android smartphones on the market, especially among its mid-range competitors. In practice, this means the permanent navigation buttons have now moved to the phone’s screen, making the most of the 816’s 5.5-inch display.

So if you want a slice of the HTC action but at a more affordable price, take a look at our range of HTC smartphones.