HTC Sense 6 features on the all new HTC One M8

With the launch of the brand new HTC One M8 comes an incredible revamp of HTC’s Sense user interface.

So what is so special about the all new HTC One’s Sense 6 and how does it compare versus 5.0?

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An Updated HTC BlinkFeed

HTC might have blown us away when it launched BlinkFeed on last year’s HTC One smartphone, but now it seems the Taiwanese company are pushing the boundaries, developing BlinkFeed even further.

Blinkfeed on the HTC One M8

Although we’ve still got the same dynamic feed of posts, photos and news stories from Sense 5, Sense 6 has a fresh new look, with customisable colours defining your various categories of posts.

Also, HTC has grown BlinkFeed to make it more personal to individual users.  Sense 6 enables you to add your own topics to your M8’s BlinkFeed, keeping you updated with your favourite celebs, TV programmes or sports teams.

A fresh new look

Not only has HTC redesigned BlinkFeed, the whole user interface seems to have had a makeover too.

In order to sit well on top of Android KitKat, Sense 6.0 has done away with its opaque control bar at the bottom of the screen in favour of a transparent one, making the most of the HTC One M8’s 5-inch display.

As well as removing the control bar, HTC has also increased the app icons on the M8, creating more open space on the phone’s home and app screens. This coincides with HTC’s desire to simplify Sense 6 in order to make it easier for users to find what they want, fast.

Motion Launch Gestures

But it’s not just colours and graphics which make Sense 6 totally different to the HTC One’s Sense 5.

Advanced technology in the all new HTC One M8 allows users to enact Motion Launch Gestures, making it easier than ever to command your smartphone. For example, by holding the M8 up to your ear, you can answer a call without touching any buttons, and to wake up the device without manually unlocking it, simply double tap the screen.

With motion launch gestures- or “sixth sense” as HTC is calling it, using your HTC One M8 couldn’t be simpler!

An upgraded Sense TV

Although infrared is hardly a new development, HTC was seemingly the first manufacturer to bring it to our smartphones in the form of Sense TV.

Sense TV goes beyond the simple functions such as using the HTC smartphone as a television remote, changing channels and upping the volume. With Sense 6,  you can access a whole number of your favourite channels, movies and sports games straight from your smartphone.

With Sense 6, HTC Sense TV has got even better. Users can now follow the conversation about the latest episode of Suits or The Voice via live Twitter or Facebook streams, while sports fanatics can keep up to date with the latest scores and statistics.

Extreme Battery Saving Mode

OK, so battery-saving modes aren’t anything new. However, with HTC Sense 6, battery saving just got extreme.

As well as featuring a slightly larger 2600mAh battery powering the One M8 compared to the original One’s 2300mAh cell, the One M8’s battery saving mode allows you to keep on going for days without reaching for the nearest charging socket.

The HTC One M8's extreme power saving mode will keep your phone switched on for up to 14 days!

In fact, HTC promises that a fully charged device will last for a massive 14 days, by limiting functions to calls, texts and emails and by turning off background apps. Users can either switch on Sense 6’s new mode manually, or have it switch on automatically when your handset reaches a certain threshold.

New camera makeover

The HTC One M8’s camera is one major feature to have undergone a transformation, with Sense 6.0 being instrumental in this process.

Not only can you now launch the device’s camera by pressing down the volume rocker, but you can also access the majority of the M8’s camera modes without having to delve into various menus. On the main camera screen, users can access HTC Zoe, the dual camera, Selfie mode, as well as panoramic and video, making it quicker and easier to snap away in a matter of seconds.

Also, with the new ufocus mode, which makes the most of the HTC One M8’s dual camera, you can make your photos look even more professional by manually selecting the focus of each image. Although this is no new feature (see the Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5), Sense 6.0 brings us ufocus without having to manually launch a specific camera mode or app.

Last but not least, HTC has overhauled the phone’s gallery design, allowing users to sort through their images according to the day, month or year they were taken, taking a slice out of Apple’s iOS 7 book!

The software upgrades on Sense 6.0 are just part of the excitement around the release of the One M8. Why not check out our full review of the device?

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