What can we expect from the Sony Xperia T3 Display?

Hands On with the Sony Xperia T3’s TRILUMINOS Display

Sony’s latest offering onto the smartphone market is the modestly priced Xperia T3, a mid-range handset that is due to hit shelves this autumn. But whilst the price is on the quiet side, the specs sheet is quite the opposite, offering a lot of bang for its buck.

One area that is especially impressive is the handset’s display, which is promising to become a key selling point for this latest Sony smartphone. But what’s so great about the Xperia T3’s display? Could it really be as good as we’re saying? Let’s find out!

Sony Xperia T3 display

Sony Display Specs

Featuring a 5.3” HD TRILUMINOS display, the Xperia T3 certainly isn’t lacking in size, making it ideal for watching films, YouTube clips or simply viewing images. In terms of resolution we get 1280×720, making it HD, backed up with IPS technology.

IPS, or in-plane switching, is designed to offer higher quality viewing angles as well as offering more vivid and realistic colours. This basically means the screen on the Xperia T3 won’t look washed out or distorted when viewing it from any angle which is ideal when trying to show a video to friends or family.

The TRILUMINOS display is exclusive to Sony, developed through years of working with television displays, and offers an unmatched viewing quality on the mobile market. Colours are more vivid and natural shades are adhered to, delivering a wider range of colours compared to other handsets on the market.

It doesn’t stop there either, with Sony also boasting its critically acclaimed Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 that feature True Screen Intelligence. This basically improves four key areas of the display to give a better overall viewing experience.

Colour Enhancement

The Xperia T3 darkens areas of the display slightly, making brighter, more important areas of the screen stand out, improving viewing of everything from standard pictures down to feature length films.

Colour Management

Colours are made deeper and more vivid by the BRAVIA Engine, but it also keeps colours natural, to give a faultless viewing experience. This makes colourful pictures shine out even more, without suffering from any wash out.

Noise Reduction

Noise is the blurry and low-quality video we see when we watch or download videos through an internet connection. The T3 tackles this brilliantly by reducing noise frame by frame when streaming video footage.

Sharpness Filter

The sharpness of video is obviously massively important, and the Xperia T3 helps improve sharpness by using a filter to increase the detail displayed in an image or video. This is managed without fuss by the BRAVIA Engine, without over-sharpening the image or adding any unnecessary noise.

Combining all of these four areas makes the Xperia T3’s display bright, vivid and detailed, whilst offering great viewing angles, as well as constantly adapting to what’s on the screen to offer as good a viewing experience as possible. All of this culminates to make a great smartphone display that is arguably the best on the mid-range market.

Sony Xperia T3 design

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So, Is the Sony Xperia T3’s Display the Best?

Compared to other smartphones in its market, the Xperia T3 boasts one of, if not the best smartphone displays. It offers amazing colours along with incredibly sharp images, and it isn’t limited to images, also improving the general use of the handset.

Even compared to the displays used on some flagship phones, it’s hard to find a better display than the T3’s. The Xperia T3’s superb mixture of size and sharpness makes it one of the best mid-range phones on the market right now, and gives all of us consumers a mid-range handset that could be well-worth investing in over some more expensive handsets.

Simply put, you will struggle to find a smartphone as good looking as the T3 when watching films, playing games or simply navigating through the menus.

So, has this tempted you into investing in a Sony Smartphone of your own? Check out all of our Sony smartphone deals here!