What can we expect to see on the Google Nexus 6?

Google Nexus 6: Here’s what we expect.

With all the hype surrounding the impending release of the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Sony Xperia Z3, it’s safe to say we’re getting slightly spoilt on the smartphone front this year. But there’s another handset which you can ill-afford to forget about, and that’s the Google Nexus 6.

However, with the aforementioned competition soon to hit the market, what can we really expect from the sixth iteration of Google’s flagship smartphone? We’re here to take a look…

Great Google Design

It might come as a slight surprise to learn that Google doesn’t actually manufacture any of the Nexus phones in-house. In fact, the building is often given to other smartphone manufacturers, which over the past few years has been LG.

But now LG has confirmed that it won’t be involved with the Nexus 6, with Google opting for Motorola to build the handset instead. So, could we see a Moto X styled Nexus phone this time round?

Unfortunately, we can’t be too sure as of yet. Google has neglected to show off any pictures of the upcoming Nexus handset, leaving all of us in the dark as regards to its design. In fact, the only picture we can go off is an image from Google’s Twitter feed, which shows a Nexus phone we haven’t seen before (albeit out of focus).

We can’t imagine Google will want to change too much from the Nexus 5, so don’t go expecting a raft of new looks from the Nexus 6. But it does look as though there could be some noticeable differences between the two handsets.

Is this picture all we can work off for the Nexus 6?

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Nexus 6 Specs

Power is always an important part of any smartphone, and the Nexus 6 will have a lot to live up to if its predecessor is anything to go by. The Nexus 5 merged its simple and efficient design with a surprisingly powerful spec sheet, and that’s something that the Nexus 6 is going to have to do as well.

Reportedly packing a 5.2” QHD display, this new Nexus phone will be giving users one of the best displays on the market as well as sporting a perfect size screen. This is supported by a quad-core 2.6GHz processor and Snapdragon 805 chipset, giving the handset some brains to match its beauty.

Also set to feature in the Nexus 6 is 3GB RAM and an Adreno 420 GPU, making for great reading for Google fans. Not only does this make it outshine its older brother, but it also competes alongside the likes of the iPhone and other flagship devices as well.

Google Features

Boasting the Google brand doesn’t mean you just have a fancy name, in fact, it opens up the Nexus 6 into a world of Google features. The likes of Google Maps, Gmail, Google Now, Google Drive and Google Chrome are just a few of these brilliant features set to be included with the handset.

It isn’t all Google based either, with the Nexus 6 also rumoured to boast a number of other handy features as well. For example, a fingerprint scanner is likely to make the cut for the Nexus 6, as well as a waterproof and dustproof certification. This, along with the collection of specs we’ve already mentioned will certainly make the Google device an interesting commodity when it hits the market.

Will the Nexus 6 look like its predecessor?

Nexus 6 Release Date/Price

There’s been no word from Google to signal an impending release for the Nexus 6, but working from its predecessor’s release date we can expect to see it hit shelves around October or November. This will avoid the iPhone 6 rush which typically takes place in September, whilst also giving the Google handset enough time for a festive sales boom.

In terms of the damage to your bank account, you can expect the Nexus 6 to set you back a similar price to what the Nexus 5 did last year. So, for the smallest storage option, around £300 should cover the cost if you go for a SIM-free version of the handset. Of course if you prefer a monthly plan, you should be paying approximately £30/month on a regular tariff, which is a great price tag for a phone of this standard.

Nexus 6: the Verdict

It’s an exciting time to be a smartphone junkie, with handsets coming at us left, right and centre, and the Nexus 6 is a nice addition to the list. Its design is likely to be similar to that of the Nexus 5, but the specs are seeing a noticeable jump, making it one of the most anticipated phones of the year.

Hopefully we get a bit more information about this next Nexus installment soon, but even if we don’t it’s looking like it will be a hit when it finally graces our shelves. But if you don’t fancy waiting, you can always take a look at our Nexus 5 offers instead!