Will we be seeing an iPhone 6c?

Apple iPhone 6c – Is a New, Affordable iPhone Coming this Year?

It’s been a bit of an up and down year for Apple; it’s seen success blossom from the iPhone 5s, but the 5c hasn’t done as forecast on the sales chart.

But will Apple give the colourful model a second chance with its next instalment, or will it discard the not-so fruitful project?

What did we like about the iPhone 5c?

One thing we love about the iPhone 5c is the fashion icon it’s become. Whilst it hasn’t taken off quite to the level many expected, the splash of colour really has created a sense of uniqueness about it, making way for a revival of colourful phones.

Also, it fits into the Apple brand’s range of products superbly, with previous iPods and iMacs being released in numerous colours as well. Whether you opt for the green, blue, yellow, pink or white version of the 5c, you know you’re getting a great aesthetic design along with supreme build quality. This is obviously a testament to Apple’s craftsmanship, culminating in a brilliant combination of style and function.

The operating system is also a hit, with iOS 7 taking on a touch of colour and updated design.

Was anything wrong with the iPhone 5c?

As a whole, the iPhone 5c is a great smartphone. The key issue many people faced with the device, however, was its expensive price tag compared to other “mid-tier” smartphones on the market such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

See how the iPhone 5c compares to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 

Whilst it certainly was, and still is, cheaper than the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 5c will still cost the average Joe between £430 and £550 depending on what storage option they opt for.

The specs are also slightly less impressive compared to the iPhone 5s, making the difference in price one which many people are willing to pay for the extra power. Other customers who were looking for a more budget alternative went for the 4S, which was still a viable option.

That said, Apple’s iPhone 5c did manage to outsell all BlackBerry sales combined for the entire year, as well as beating Nokia Windows Phone sales for the Winter 2013 period.

When you look at it from that angle, it doesn’t spell all that much bad news for the Californian company, even if people are painting the 5c with a bad brush. The iPhone 5c is an all-round impressive smartphone- it was simply outclassed by its bigger brother, the iPhone 5s.

Did you like the iPhone 5c?

Will we ever see an iPhone 6c?

It’s possible that Apple will launch the iPhone 6c alongside the iPhone 6 this autumn. After all, Apple still sold over 9 million units just in the first weekend the iPhone 5c went on sale, proving that it’s not as much as a flop as some people have suggested.

Whether it’s released alongside the iPhone 6 is a completely different question, but it looks like Apple could avoid a double release. It’s perhaps more likely that Apple will push the 6c’s release date back for at least a few months in an effort to differentiate it from the more expensive, higher tier model also coming off the Apple conveyor belt..

Does this iPhone 6c concept look good to you?What do we want from the iPhone 6c?

Ideally, if Apple does release an iPhone 6c, users will want to see more power and features for the same price as the previous handset. If this doesn’t happen, then Apple will have to slash the price tag to keep the crowds happy, something that certainly won’t appeal to shareholders or execs at the California based company.

In terms of features, many will be hankering after a fingerprint scanner on an iPhone 6c, though with only flagship handsets sporting such a feature at present, this might be too much of an ask. 

We anticipate that we will see the 6c rear its colourful head at some point in September 2014, and hopefully this time round it will get the plaudits it deserves this year.

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