New camera features on the Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung has long been known for pushing the boundaries, so when its first smartphone-camera hybrid made an appearance last year it was hardly a surprise. This year, Samsung has done it again, releasing the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom- a device that’s got more in common with your typical camera rather than a smartphone!

The one question on everyone’s lips is:  is the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom a smartphone or is it a camera? We take a look at the K Zoom’s camera features to decide whether it’s high specs can replace your point and shoot camera…

20.7MP Camera Lens

To kick things off, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom has one of the best camera lenses ever seen on a smartphone. With a 20.7 megapixel lens, it shares a platform only with two other smartphone ranges- the Sony Xperia Z1 & Z2, and the Nokia Lumia 1020. But what sets the Samsung apart is that it has a retractable 10x optical zoom which can be extended to its maximum reach within seconds; a huge improvement on its predecessor, the S4 Zoom.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom optical zoom image

Zoom aside, the K Zoom’s lens is also better equipped to handle low light conditions. Its sensor is 1.8 times larger than your typical smartphone camera sensor which means it can collect more light, taking far brighter snapshots compared to other handsets. On top of that, the K Zoom sports a xenon flash rather than a typical LED flash. This gives your photos a much more natural illumination, which can rival the iPhone 5s’ True Tone flash.

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K Zoom camera features

It’s not just the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom’s camera lens which makes it potentially the best camera phone on the market. The latest camera release also boasts a number of built-in features which make the device stand apart from its major competitors.

Selfie Alarm

The new Selfie Alarm feature hasn’t actually got anything to do with waking you up. Rather it’s a camera feature which allows users to take massive 20 megapixel selfies using the rear camera rather than the front lens.

The feature works by users marking an area on the screen where they want their face to appear; once the phone is turned around, it beeps until your face fits into the position you selected. There’s no need to press down the shutter- the K Zoom will automatically snap your selfie as soon as you’re in position!

Live Object Tracking

Live object tracking is a feature that does exactly what it says on the tin. If you’re following a moving object but can’t quite get the perfect shot, Live Object Tracking adjusts the camera’s focus to follow the object in question.

Quick Zoom

Whilst the Galaxy S4 Zoom was a little slow in zooming in at maximum depth on objects, the Galaxy K Zoom comes with a specially-designed Quick Zoom which takes you from 0 to 10x in seconds, so you never miss an amazing shot ever again!

Pro Suggest

If you currently sit at the amateur end of the scale when it comes to your photography skills, you may benefit from this mode. With so many built-in camera apps available on Samsung smartphones it can be difficult to decide which one to use in each situation.

So with Pro Suggest, the K Zoom makes the decision for you! The camera cleverly works out the best camera mode depending on what you’re pointing the lens at, meaning you can spend more time snapping rather than flitting through effects!

Samsung Camera Modes

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom camera modes

That said, the Galaxy K Zoom, being a Samsung, also sports the same range of camera modes that we saw on the S4 Zoom. These include Sound & Shot, the mode that accompanies your still images with bursts of audio; HDR; sunset; beauty amongst many others.

So if you find that you do have the time to play around with your camera phone, the Galaxy K Zoom offers pretty much every mode, filter and editing app to make your photos stand out from every other smartphone camera on the market.

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