Have all the best bits from the Samsung Galaxy S5 made their way onto the Galaxy S5 Mini? We think so!

5 Features unchanged in the Galaxy S5 mini release

The Samsung Galaxy S5 really blew all other flagships out of the water when it was released back in March this year. But can its smaller brother, the brand new Galaxy S5 Mini do the same?

With rivals like the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact stepping up the mark in the world of miniature smartphones, Samsung has got a lot to contend with. So while the S5 Mini might have shaved off inches when it comes to its screen size, the last thing Samsung fans want is for their favourite features to be left behind too.

But don’t panic just yet: here are just 5 features which have main to transition from flagship to mini unscathed…

Fingerprint scanner

If there’s one feature that Samsung wouldn’t dare omit from the Galaxy S5 Mini it’s got to be its in-built fingerprint scanner.

Following suit from the iPhone 5s’ successful Touch ID, Samsung donned its own fingerprint scanning technology on the Galaxy S5 so that everyone could feel like James Bond for a day. And, thankfully, this is the number one feature which has made its way onto the S5 Mini.

The S5 Mini fingerprint scanner doesn’t just let you unlock your phone, either. With this high brow technology users can make purchases online, download apps and open secure documents all with a swipe of your finger. Not only does this feature make your S5 Mini super secure, but it also makes it cool, too.

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Waterproof and Dustproof

Another feature which has main the jump to the S5 is the same dust and waterproof capabilities.

Now let’s face it, no matter how big or small your phone is, the chances of dropping it in a puddle, a cup of tea or even down the toilet are quite high. So why shouldn’t the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini be both dust and waterproof?

samsung galaxy s5 mini waterproof

With an IP67 certification, both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and S5 Mini can be submerged up to one metre underwater without surfacing with the black screen of death, which is great news for the clumsiest of users.

Samsung features: Heart rate monitor

One area that all smartphone manufacturers are focusing on is health, and Samsung is leading the way with its S Health app. And luckily one new feature transferred onto the Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini is the impressive heart rate monitor.

With an in-built sensor located under the rear camera, the S5 Mini serves as your perfect companion for monitoring your health and well being. Simply place your finger over the sensor and watch as the phone measures your heart rate- perfect for sports fanatics.

Other S Health features built into both the S5 and the Galaxy S5 Mini include a pedometer, a food diary and a dedicated exercise planner, which lets you monitor the distance travelled, calories burnt and time spent working out.

Studded Design

Design means a lot to Samsung, and the S5 and S5 Mini are no exceptions to Samsung’s impeccable, top of the range designs. Both S5 handsets sport a studded body, giving the devices a new lease of life compared to the smooth Galaxy S3 and S4.

And colour is something that Samsung has delved head first into, offering both the S5 and S5 Mini in a range of metallic shades, including gold, black, pearly white and a rather electric blue.

Samsung galaxy s5 mini Colours

Rather than kitting out the Galaxy S5 and S5 Mini in a full metal jacket like its rivals over at HTC, Samsung has opted for a metal-effect on the handsets’ paintwork, making the phones much lighter and slim-line than your average metal-clad smartphone.

Samsung Knox

In addition to the fingerprint scanning technology, Samsung has brought the security feature Knox to the Galaxy S5 Mini. For years now Android smartphones have been known to have weak security boundaries, but with Knox, Samsung users are protected from hackers and smartphone malware.

With Samsung Knox on board, business users can successfully separate their personal items from work features by switching seamlessly between the two ‘layers’. On your personal profile you can access all of your apps, your internet browser, camera and music. However, on a secure Knox-protected ‘layer’, your usage is restricted to specified apps, the Samsung browser and your email account.

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