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Contract phones

Your guide to everything contract phones

A contract phone, the most popular type of deal to purchase on the market, allowing you to pay monthly
for a brand new handset with an allowance of minutes, texts and yummy data.

Is a contract phone deal right for me?

You get a brand new phone at the beginning of each contract, and if you are loyal to your network provider, they will often give you rewards as a thank you for staying with them. All you have to do is choose your desired phone and tariff and set-up a payment method and you’re ready to go; your phone will even get delivered right to your door.

Once you’re set up, you pay your monthly rate and you can enjoy a brand new mobile phone to your heart’s content. Towards the end of your contract, you will be offered an upgrade. This means you can pick a new phone with a new tariff, and you get to keep your old handset, or you can stick with your current deal.

Advantages of a contract

You often don’t have to pay for a brand new phone - Depending on the phone and tariff you choose you might not have to pay a penny up front. You only need to pay the monthly bill and you get the handset for free.

No need to top-up - Your limits are set up to your contract, so you won’t need to go and top-up your allowances. Just keep in mind if you go over your limit you will have to pay extra charges on top of your monthly bill.

You can get a free gift - Some contracts come with up-front cash back, others with cash back redemption and some even come with gifts ranging from flat screen TVs to the latest games consoles.

Freshen up, freshen up - At the end of your contract you're eligible to upgrade where you can receive a brand new handset for free without any hassle. Simply choose the new model you want and pick your new tariff.

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How long will my contract last


Each tariff is different, so lengths of contracts vary. Typical contract lengths are 18 and 24 months.

Whats the catch with a free gift as part of my pay monthly deal


You can get extra value buy adding a free gift. There is no catch. Why not check out our guide to free gifts.

Are ther any hidden costs I should watch out for


Your network may increase your monthly cost with rise in inflation. But don't worry, they will give you plenty of notice beforehand.

When can I upgrade


At the end of your contract you can get a new phone, as well as keep your old one. Find out when you can upgrade.

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