Free Toshiba 40in LCD TV and Xbox 360

The Toshiba 40BV702 40 inch HD LCD TV brings you the highest quality viewing experience. The Toshiba TV is fantastic for home entertainment and much more, as you can connect to other devices including games consoles, which makes it multi-functional. With four HDMI, one PC, one SCART and two USB inputs at the ready, the Toshiba 40BV702 television is your multi-functional entertainment centre. You can connect your TV to a Blu-ray player or even your games consoles and make the most of the amazing television experience.

Free Toshiba 40BV702 TV and Xbox 360 console bundle  

The sleek Xbox 360 Arcade 4GB incorporates a slim new design with built in Wi-Fi, 4GB internal flash memory and an all new matt black finish. The Xbox 360 is also built for the future with seamless connectivity to the Kinect Sensor letting you enjoy gaming in extraordinary new ways without a controller.

Box contents: