What's Covered

Phone Care insurance gives you the benefit of protection against:

Theft, Loss, Damage & Breakdown
If your phone is damaged, lost or stolen, we will, where possible, replace it with the same make and model as your original phone.

Unauthorised Use
We will cover the costs of any unauthorised use subject to a limit of £10,000, provided that you supply us with supporting evidence of use and also notify your network provider within 24 hours of noticing your phone is missing.

Accessory cover
We cover any standard accessories which are supplied along with your phone by the manufacturer and any additional item(s) purchased from mobiles.co.uk or The Carphone Warehouse to be used specifically with your phone up to the value of £300. If for whatever reason we replace your phone with a different make or model and this means that you can no longer use your existing accessories, we'll replace them too.

For more information, see our full terms and conditions.