VIP Gadget Helpline

1 Month FREE Trial

Don't waste your precious time trying to call the manufacturer, waiting on hold for half your lifetime.

Take advantage of this generous offer with a great service ...

1 months FREE FULL Technical Support, for YOU and ANYONE in your household, for your mobile phone and most electrical appliances in your house. Get the help you need, when you need it, for your phones, laptops, computers, DVD players, Televisions, kettles, blenders ... you get the idea!

  • No premium rate number to call - Just 5p per minute at all times from BT landlines which may vary from other networks and mobile operators
  • All of the Technical Support team are based in the UK - Easy to understand
  • Quick answering times - Get talking FAST
  • Highly trained staff, with a HUGE database of product information - Get the ANSWERS you need from proven experts.

Your on-going technical support will be charged at £23.94 every six months by direct debit (equivalent to just £3.99 per month), separately from your mobile phone bill, after your one month free period is up.

The 1-month free trial will automatically be supplied to you when you receive your handset. After the first month you simply pay a premium once every 6-months of £23.94 (equivalent to just £3.99 per month) by Direct Debit to "Talk Me Through It". This service gives you the reassurance that you can simply pick up the phone, dial a 5p-per-minute number, speak with the Technical Support Team who are based in the UK, and get your query answered quickly and easily!

TMTI can be cancelled at any time after your account has been finalised, which is usually two or three days after delivery. You can also cancel during the free trial, by simply contacting TMTI or ending the Direct Debit instruction. A more detailed explanation of the service provided will be posted or emailed to you shortly after your new handset arrives.