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Why buy an LG mobile phone?

LG G2 smartphone image

Coming to the end of your phone contract? If so, you have a pretty tough decision to make. With the ever growing number of smartphone manufacturers, picking just one of them out can be a long and arduous decision to say the least.

Well luckily for you, we’ve got the answer for you right here, and that answer is LG! Don’t just take our word for it though; we’ve got evidence to back it up. Here’s why you need an LG smartphone in your life after your current contract!

first for LG smartphones

Laser Autofocus

Featuring solely on the LG G3 for now, it’s hard to believe that Laser Autofocus was originally designed for autonomous vacuum cleaners. It’s certainly a good thing to see it making its way onto our smartphones though, helping the G3’s camera focus faster than ever.

This means that those shots which would often come out blurry on your other handsets are razor sharp with the G3, obviously giving the handset a number of merits. So, if you’re a big fan of your photos and value your time, the LG G3 will suit you to a tee!

Knock Code

Security is a growing concern for everyone right now, and it’s no different for smartphone users, especially with stories of hacking and technological spying making headlines across the globe. Thankfully, if you invest in a newer LG handset, you’ll have Knock Code to keep your privacy intact.

The handset lets you designate a series of knocks on the display, and from then on, that’s how you access your device. Simple, yet astonishingly effective. No longer will you have to write down or remember your phone’s password or number code, now it’s all handled with a simple series of taps.

Laser Autofocus on the LG G3

Smart Keyboard

Smart Keyboard LG smartphones

One of the most used parts of any smartphone which is often ignored, is a phone’s keyboard. But with LG’s Smart Keyboard technology, which features primarily on the G3, typing and texting is a true work of art. The feature makes typing faster and easier, whilst allowing the user to adjust its size and position incredibly quickly.

The Smart Keyboard even judges your text to predict the words most likely to come next in your sentence. So, in some circumstances you don’t even have to type out individual letters, it allows you to enter word after word. At the moment, LG is leading the race in terms of its keyboards, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.

Rear Key Design

LG has always had a flair for design, whether it’s through pure style or smart innovation. Proof of this comes from the introduction of a back panel based power button and volume rocker on the likes of the LG G2, G3 and G Flex.

Many questioned LG’s motives at first, but after just a few minutes of playing around with it, you’ll quickly grow to love it. There’s no awkward reaching to change volume or to turn the handset off like with so many other handsets, making LG phones simple to navigate, something LG is thriving upon.

Rear button LG G2

Audio Zoom

Have you ever had an issue with the audio during a video you’ve filmed? It’s a common occurrence in the hustle and bustle of today’s society. But LG has come up with a solution for us, and it’s called Audio Zoom.

During a video, a simple tap on the viewfinder will have your LG phone zoom in on the audio from that area. So if you’re trying to film something in the middle of a crowd, you can effectively pinpoint an area of added audio coverage. It might be a small feature, but one which is extremely useful for video lovers out there.

LG Features

  • Curved display of the LG G Flex

    Curved Display

    Featuring one of the first ever curved displays on the smartphone market, the LG G Flex has quickly become one of the best looking devices ever made by LG. Helping avoid glare and improving the users’ viewing quality, the LG G Flex is arguably a glimpse into the future for smartphones and tablets alike.

    It’s not all flair though, the G Flex can also be pushed down straight without any damage whatsoever being made to the display. Plus, with a curved battery as well, even the handset’s internal components keep the style going.

  • LG G Flex - Self healing cover

    Self-Healing Cover

    Also built into the LG G Flex, self-healing technology helps keep your LG handset in tip-top condition by avoiding those bumps and scraped which permanently adorn some other devices. Working through the back case of the G Flex, and scratch made on the handset will be reset by the material underneath it.

    This means your keys won’t be permanently damaging your smartphone if you accidentally slide them into the same pocket. Similarly, if your phone takes a tumble, there’s a good chance it will repair itself instead of costing you extra cash to get it fixed.

LED Home Button

LED home button on an Optimus L7 smartphone

Bored of always missing calls or important texts on your smartphone? With the help of the LG Optimus L7II, you can be kept up to date with all of your notifications through the phone’s home button.

Lighting up in different colours for different events, the Optimus L7II’s home button lets you know when you’ve got something to check out. No longer will you be replying to texts and calls three hours late, nor will you waste away half of your battery checking for new notifications.

Quick Translator

Learning a language is time consuming, but LG has you covered if your language skills aren’t as sharp as they could be.  With LG’s Quick Translator feature on the Optimus L7II, which reads 44 different languages, all you have to do is use your camera on a sign or menu and it will spell it out in plain English for you.

It can also translate English into 64 languages, so if you’re having trouble conversing with the locals when you’re abroad it works perfectly too.

Quick Translator - Best LG smartphone features

LG G Watch Compatible!

LG G Watch - Android Wear

The emphasis on wearable technology is growing day by day, and LG isn’t planning on getting left behind by any stretch of the imagination. The LG G Watch is its take on the smartwatch craze that is quickly developing, and this also means a great new feature for LG smartphones as well.

Notifications can be read and replied to through the kit, whilst information like train tickets and news alerts can be displayed on the hardware. This is all seamlessly linked with your LG smartphone, so if you read a notification through your G Watch, you won’t have to re-read it on your phone!

So, what are you waiting for? Why not take a look at all of our great LG smartphone offers? We’re sure there’s something that should tickly your fancy!

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So do you really need any more reason to go and grab yourself the latest handset from LG? With features like these it’s easy to see why the manufacturer has grown into one of the best smartphone developers on the planet. So, if you fancy picking one up, you can check out all of our brilliant LG phones here!

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