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As a division of Google, the latest Motorola smartphones serve up to date Android software filled with intuitive Google features. Explore our Motorola smartphone range to find a handset deal that's right for you.

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Over 40 years ago, Motorola were the inventor of the worlds first mobile phone call. With their latest release, the Moto X, Motorola are proud to produce the only smarphone that's assembled in the USA. Loaded with Google features, the Moto X responds to your voice and has a great battery life.

Explore our full range of Motorola mobile phone deals, and find an Android smartphone that's perfect for you.

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HSTARID: 50817817
Pricelist ID: 128
Handset code: ORAMOTOXBLA
Tariff code: G28TMOCT13
Gift code: HPLR1294303
Network: orange
Default Deal: No
Popularity: 0
Last updated: 23/07/14 @ 16:37:06