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Why buy a Nokia smartphone?

Best features of Nokia smartphones

As one of the oldest and most recognisable names in the technology market, Nokia are a seasoned and intuitive smartphone manufacturer ever since it released its very first mobile phone back in 1982. But this mobile phone veteran still has plenty to offer!

But what separates Nokia from the rest of the smartphone manufacturers out there? Can it really stand strong against the ever increasing wave of smartphones? We’re about to tell you why your next phone should be a Nokia, and not some other less-travelled handset! - First for smartphones

Bright as a rainbow

Bright Nokia Lumia phone designs

Don’t get us wrong, black and white handsets are pretty cool, but they’re nothing compared to a luminous yellow smartphone! Nokia don’t stop there either, with pretty much any colour from the rainbow available at your say so.

With by far the most diverse selection of colours, you can pick a smartphone that really reaches out to you. So if you have a ‘unique’ fashion sense, we’re pretty sure you can find a Nokia smartphone to match your style!

Nokia won’t get you lost!

Us smartphone users are mighty good at getting lost, and let’s face it, how many of us actually go and find someone to ask directions off? Thankfully, your Nokia smartphone can point you in the right direction!

With Nokia HERE Maps, it doesn’t matter if you’re lost on a trip to the shops or if you’re headed on a five hour trek, it will keep on directing you. There’s no need to worry about internet connection either, with HERE Maps offering an offline mode to keep you in the right direction! Thank god we won’t have to be pulling the A-Z road map out anymore…

Live Tiles, what are they?

Live Tiles on Windows Phone 8

Do you fancy finding out information without cruising from app to app? Well that’s what the Live Tile design on every Windows powered Nokia handset helps with, displaying notifications and messages direct to your home screen!

Text messages, Facebook notifications and even missed calls are all visible on your home display, which you can completely customise by the way! So, if you’ve opted for a bright green Nokia, your software can keep the colour scheme going!

More Microsoft Apps than you can think of!

If you own a Nokia, it’s almost certain you’ll own a Windows Phone, unless of course you’ve opted for the Nokia X line-up which run on Android. But if you’ve picked up any of the Windows Phone handsets you’ll be getting a whole lot more than a note taking app pre-installed for you!

Windows Phone handsets include an absolute bucket load of Microsoft apps for you to play with, ideal for all sorts of uses. Need to keep up with your work? Microsoft Office is there for you. Fancy a chat with a distant buddy? Why not use Skype? It’s all there and all ready for you to use!

Microsoft apps on Nokia smartphones

Nokia Music all round

  • Mix Radio on the Nokia Lumia 930


    It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid party goer or classical music enthusiast; Nokia is guaranteed to meet your musical tastes. Nokia MixRadio acts as your very own personal radio station, learning the music you like, and giving you a constant stream of it.
    No need to listen to the monotonous chit chat on the bus anymore. At least not with the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce, Kasabian, Beethoven, Westlife and Pavarotti keeping you company through your smartphone!

  • Gig Listings Nokia Mix Radio

    Gig listings

    With Nokia MixRadio, you'll also be in the know of when you're favourite artists are in town. Keep up to date of all the latest gig dates and venues for the musicians you love to play loud!

  • Play Me on Nokia Mix Radio.

    Play Me

    Discover new music that suits your style. Play me is constantly learning with every track served, whether its the songs saved as storage or the ones you've skipped on MixRadio. Over time, your personal radio station hits that musical sweet spot time and time again.

    You can even share up to three tracks of a mix to friends via email, text or social media.

Nokia ClearBlack display

ClearBlack Display on Nokia Lumia smartphones

Plenty of Nokia smartphones feature a ClearBlack display, making their displays a real joy to use, no matter what you’re using it for. This makes even the less expensive handsets released by Nokia a true competitor for one of the best displays on the market.

Videos are displayed as clear as day, pictures show their full detail and games shine out with every colour under the sun. There’s no issue with washed out colours or weird shading affecting the view you have on a Nokia handset, in essence, Nokia handsets offer one of the best ways to view a smartphone screen. If your eyes could choose a smartphone no their own, we’d guarantee it would be a Nokia.

Carl Zeiss lens

When you have a named lens on your smartphone’s camera you know it means business, and with the Nokia Lumia 1020 it takes its business super seriously. The Carl Zeiss lens on the back side of the handset houses a whopping 41 megapixels, that’s more than double any other smartphone on the planet!

PureView technology also handles work with the camera software of plenty of Nokia smartphones as well, making the handset a powerhouse in both hardware and software terms for sure. Basically, Nokia smartphones turn your blurry nightclub pictures into potential Pulitzer Prize nominees, even if you struggle to operate a disposable camera!

Carl Zeiss lens on Nokia smartphones

Re-invented lossless zoom

Lossless Zoom on Nokia Lumia smartphones

We’ve already mentioned the Carl Zeiss lens on the Lumia 1020’s 41 megapixel camera, but one thing we didn’t mention was the lossless zoom. No matter how far you are from your chosen subject, the Lumia’s lossless zoom will bring you closer to the action, with next to no quality loss.

Thanks to the massive amount of pixels, pictures won’t suffer from zoom blur and will stay razor sharp when zoomed in. So, guess there’s no need to worry about grabbing that front row seat at your kids’ school play anymore…

Less Nokia wires!

If we’re being honest, the charger cable is quickly growing into a tired and annoying feature we have to put up with, tying us down to the closes plug socket when we’d rather be out and about. But not if Nokia has its way!

Currently offering one of the biggest ranges of wirelessly recharged phones on the market, many new Nokia smartphones let you cut out the wires, offering accessories to wirelessly charge your smartphone. No longer will you be tripping over wires whilst your phone is on charge, if you invest in a Nokia phone of course!

Wireless Charging on Nokia Lumia smartphones

Budget Nokia success!

It seems like the prices for our smartphones are only going up, costing us more and more as each month goes by. Lucky for us, Nokia doesn’t cater for just the expensive smartphone market.

Thanks to its budget line-up; namely the likes of the Lumia 520, 630 and Asha collection, you won’t have to be spending a wedge to pick up a great handset. So if your wallet or purse has seen better days, why not tighten the belt with a Nokia smartphone?

So, what are you waiting for? With all these great features, from its cameras to its entertainment apps, Nokia has smartphones to suit any need and more importantly, any budget. So what’s stopping you grabbing the latest Nokia handset?

Budget Nokia smartphones

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