Samsung Galaxy Note

The king of phablets

Larger than life itself, the range of Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones are specialised handsets designed for creative types. Buy a new Note 3 or find a great deal on the Note 2; our Samsung shop has the contract you’re looking for.

Why buy a Samsung Galaxy Note phone?

Creativity is a big deal for the Note range. The included S Pen is perfect for those who love to scribble, scribe, doodle, organise and crop. There are plenty of gestures within the S Pen too; use Air View to peek into photo albums and video stream thumbnails without clicking on the content.

A large high definition display has coined these devices as “phablets”, meaning half-way between owning a phone and a tablet. These giant screens make the Note an easy device to write on with the S Pen. With a quad core processor inside, these Galaxy smartphones are super-responsive and keep up to speed with your creativity needs.

Take a closer look at the features of the Galaxy Note.

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HSTARID: 66875923
Pricelist ID: 128
Handset code: VODGALNOT3BLA
Tariff code: MCDUMJUN14
Gift code: NA
Network: vodafone
Default Deal: No
Popularity: 258
Last updated: 23/07/14 @ 16:26:57


HSTARID: 56407192
Pricelist ID: 128
Handset code: O2MGALNOT3WHI
Tariff code: 4S5TMFEB14
Gift code: NA
Network: o2
Default Deal: Yes
Popularity: 309
Last updated: 23/07/14 @ 16:32:15