Samsung Galaxy S3 & Mini

Designed for humans. Inspired by nature.

An iconic release from Samsung, the Galaxy S3 launched in 2012 as a premium handset and comfortably takes on the mid-tier handsets of today with its impressive specs and low monthly price.

What's special about the Galaxy S3?

Inspired by nature, the pebble shaped handset feels good to hold in the hand. Intuitively simple, enjoy advanced gestures such as Direct Call and Smart Stay. A responsive quad core processor gives power to the S3 and will effortlessly load the best apps from the Google Play store. With an 8 megapixel camera with zero shutter lag and advanced modes such as Best Photo, captures your snaps in style.

For those seeking a smaller handset, the S3 Mini delivers a bitesized version of the S3 and carries the same TouchWiz OS and gestures but with lighter hardware. Ideal for small pockets or those who want to save more money on a mobile purchase.

To enjoy all these Galaxy features for yourself, buy a Samsung pay monthly contracts from the deals below.

Our full range of Samsung Galaxy S3 phones


HSTARID: 42056362
Pricelist ID: 128
Handset code: TMOGXYS3MINIB
Tariff code: H22TMOCT13
Gift code: DPLR1293167
Network: tmobile
Default Deal: No
Popularity: 26
Last updated: 24/07/14 @ 14:45:19


HSTARID: 42075820
Pricelist ID: 128
Handset code: ORAGLXYS3WH
Tariff code: G28TMOCT13
Gift code: HPLR1294471
Network: orange
Default Deal: No
Popularity: 0
Last updated: 24/07/14 @ 15:17:30


HSTARID: 56089774
Pricelist ID: 128
Handset code: O2MGLXYS3
Tariff code: 4S34MFEB14
Gift code: DPLR1284739
Network: o2
Default Deal: Yes
Popularity: 1615
Last updated: 24/07/14 @ 14:41:10


HSTARID: 66875644
Pricelist ID: 128
Handset code: VODGXYS3MINIW
Tariff code: MCDUMJUN14
Gift code: DPLR1307095
Network: vodafone
Default Deal: No
Popularity: 869
Last updated: 24/07/14 @ 15:12:18