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SIM Only Deals

Get great value with our SIM only deals

SIM only plans are ideal if you already have the perfect mobile phone, but just want a better allowance on your minutes, texts and data. No one likes to spend more than they need to.

Everything you need to know in one place with our SIM only guide.

EE SIM Only Deals

  • Unlimited mins
  • 2GB data
  • Unlimited texts
  • Only £7.50 Per month
Save £126 cashback by redemption
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Our full range of sim only deals

Reasons to go SIM only

Rolling 30 day contract with our Sim only deals

30 Day rolling contracts

Our SIM only plans offer even better value from your monthly spend with non committal 30 day rolling contracts and higher bundles of minutes and data.

Keep your number with our SIM only plans

Keep your number

Once you get your SIM we’ll help you port your number so you can use your new allowances with your current number. No hassle and no fuss. Just Simple.

Waiting for an Upgrade? Sim Only Contract

Waiting to upgrade?

Due an upgrade or have you been waiting for that new smartphone release? Why not switch to SIM only and save money while you wait.

Everything you need to know about SIM only deals

How do SIM-only deals work?

SIM only deals

SIM-only deals are great if you've already got a phone you're happy with, and you just want more minutes, data or texts for a cheaper price than you'd get with a contract. And unlike a regular contract, you're not tied in for years at a time – you can pay on a rolling monthly basis and quit or change your deal whenever you like.

Compare our SIM-only deals here and see which one gives the best value for you.


Going SIM-only is a great way to only pay for what you need, and because you're not paying extra for a phone, they're normally a whole lot cheaper than a regular contract. You can pick the package that suits you best – so if you don't spend much time talking but like using social media, go high on data and low on minutes.

How long does a contract last?

Choose from a 30-day rolling contract, which will let you change your package from month to month - or get a 12-month deal and enjoy even more minutes and data for your money.

Can I keep my number?

You sure can. Just call your existing network to get your PAC code, then give us a call and we'll transfer your number as soon as possible.

What types of SIM card are available?

SIM cards come in three sizes: Standard, Micro and Nano. Some phones accept more than one size of SIM, but make sure you check which ones work with yours! SIMs also come with either 3G or 4G capability - most modern SIMs use the faster 4G.

Who are SIM-only deals best for?

SIM card sizes

Anyone who owns a phone and wants to pay less for their data, texts and minutes! They're also a great way to save money for a month or two while you're waiting for a new version of your favourite handset to be released.

If you're coming to the end of your mobile contract, a SIM-only deal could be just the thing – compare the prices here with your existing contract and find out how much you could save!

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