SIM Only Deals

Get great value with our SIM only deals

SIM only plans are ideal if you already have the perfect mobile phone, but just want a better allowance on your minutes, texts and data. No one likes to spend more than they need to.

Everything you need to know in one place with our SIM only guide.

What networks are SIM only plans available from

You can choose from a number of leading networks, offering all SIM card sizes and 3G & 4G SIMs.

  • O2 SIM only
  • Virgin SIM only
  • EE 4G SIM only
  • Orange SIM only
  • Vodafone SIM only
  • • T-Mobile SIM only

Should I choose a 3G or 4G SIM only plan With the emergence of 4G over the last year, moving onto a 4G SIM only plan can save you money as well as give you super fast browsing speed. 4G contracts are more expensive than 3G, so by using a SIM deal you can bring down the cost over your contract period. O2, Orange, EE and Vodafone all offer great 4G SIM tariffs.

What SIM card size do I need.

SIMs come in different sizes dependant on which mobile phone you have. You can choose from a Standard, Micro & Nano Sim. If you need clarification on which size you need, view our guide on SIM card size.

Reasons to go SIM only

Rolling 30 day contract with our Sim only deals

30 Day rolling contracts

Our SIM only plans offer even better value from your monthly spend with non committal 30 day rolling contracts and higher bundles of minutes and data.

Keep your number with our SIM only plans

Keep your number

Once you get your SIM we’ll help you port your number so you can use your new allowances with your current number. No hassle and no fuss. Just Simple.

Waiting for an Upgrade? Sim Only Contract

Waiting to upgrade?

Due an upgrade or have you been waiting for that new smartphone release? Why not switch to SIM only and save money while you wait.

Our full range of sim only deals


HSTARID: 33000100
Pricelist ID: 128
Tariff code: F3W2MJUL13
Gift code: DPLR1246604
Network: vodafone
Default Deal: Yes
Popularity: 1175
Last updated: 17/04/14 @ 15:30:41


HSTARID: 59342230
Pricelist ID: 128
Tariff code: H09OMMAR14
Gift code: NA
Network: tmobile
Default Deal: No
Popularity: 1159
Last updated: 17/04/14 @ 16:16:26


HSTARID: 33000376
Pricelist ID: 128
Tariff code: F3I2MJUL13
Gift code: HPLR1234906
Network: vodafone
Default Deal: Yes
Popularity: 571
Last updated: 17/04/14 @ 15:30:07


HSTARID: 56584813
Pricelist ID: 128
Handset code: O2MO2NANPAYM
Tariff code: 4I52MFEB14
Gift code: DPLR1246610
Network: o2
Default Deal: Yes
Popularity: 563
Last updated: 17/04/14 @ 16:15:28


HSTARID: 59335072
Pricelist ID: 128
Tariff code: G17OMMAR14
Gift code: DPLR493633
Network: orange
Default Deal: Yes
Popularity: 486
Last updated: 17/04/14 @ 16:10:52


HSTARID: 59334568
Pricelist ID: 128
Handset code: EEEEMICSIM
Tariff code: B142MMAR14
Gift code: NA
Network: ee
Default Deal: Yes
Popularity: 461
Last updated: 17/04/14 @ 15:36:29


HSTARID: 32997829
Pricelist ID: 128
Tariff code: MK151JUN13
Gift code: NA
Network: talkmobile
Default Deal: No
Popularity: 222
Last updated: 17/04/14 @ 15:55:24