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SIM only contracts

Your guide to everything SIM

A SIM only deal is essentially the same as an ordinary mobile phone contract, execpt instead of getting a
new handset alongside the SIM card, you get to keep your own phone and pay less each month.

What is a SIM only deal

By buying a SIM only deal, you get a package of minutes, texts and data which gets replenished each month. How many minutes, texts and megabytes of data you want is an entirely personal decision; you might only use your phone to make a couple of calls each week, or on the other hand, you might love chatting to your friends on Facebook every day. Therefore, it is really important to buy a SIM only contract which reflects how you use your mobile phone.

Because SIM only deals are far cheaper than most ordinary contract phones, they are growing increasingly popular amongst buyers. Not only are SIM only contracts more flexible, as they don’t tie you into a 24 month contract, but they also allow you to stick with your existing mobile phone, or to buy a brand new handset outright, keeping monthly costs down.

Advantages of Sim only

It can be cheaper - Because SIM only deals do not come with a handset, they are far cheaper than ordinary contracts. That means that you are only paying for what you actually need each month, instead of paying for a fancy handset that you might not want or need.

It’s more flexible - SIM only deals are also a lot more flexible. Because you are not paying for a handset, there’s no need for mobile phone networks to sign you up to a 24 month contract. That means that you can get a SIM Only contract for as long or you want; this can be just a month on a rolling contract, or it could well extend to a 12 month contract.

First time users - A SIM Only contract is also great for first time smartphone users, or for users who don’t know how many minutes, texts or megabytes of data they require. Because SIM Only contracts can last for just one month, users are able to see how they get on without being tied down into a 24 month contract with a restrictive package.

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With a Sim only deal you can choose either a 12,18 or 24 month contract. Or choose a flexible rolling 30 day SIM. Giving you the option to cancel at anytime.


Yes. It's so simple that all you need to do is call your existing network and request a PAC code. Let us know and we'll transfer your number.


Like a standard contract you don't get a free phone. SIM only deals are designed so you can have the flexibility to buy a phone outright SIM free.


SIMs come in different sizes dependant on which phone you buy. If your not sure check out our guide on which is the right SIM for you.

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