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EE 5G Range


EE, the nation’s largest network, was the first to provide super-fast 5G connection speeds in the UK. With 5G coverage already available in several major cities, it’s the perfect time to experience next-generation 5G on EE.

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EE 5G Coverage

EE 5G Coverage

EE 5G arrived in the UK during summer 2019, providing super-fast speeds in the nation’s busiest cities. London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, Birmingham and Manchester were the first locations to benefit from EE 5G, as part of the initial roll-out.

Following on from this, 2019 will also see the arrival of EE 5G in Bristol, Coventry, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield. If you’re not in one of these cities, don’t worry, as a more UK-wide roll-out is scheduled for 2020.

EE 5G Tariffs

EE 5G Tariffs

In order to connect to the next-generation 5G network, you’ll need both a 5G-ready phone, and a 5G data tariff. To make this easy to navigate, all our 5G-ready handsets are sold with a 5G tariff, so you’ll be ready to go as soon as you activate your new connection.

With a 5G tariff, you’ll experience super-fast internet speeds, letting you download entire HD movies to your device in seconds. If your day takes you outside of our 5G connected areas, you’ll have the UK’s largest and most reliable 4G network to fall back on.

EE 5G Handsets

EE 5G Handsets

Looking for the perfect 5G-ready handsets on EE? Look no further than the range available here at Mobiles.co.uk. If you’re a Samsung fan, you’re sure to love the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, which combines 5G connectivity with a huge 6.7-inch HD display, and four-lens camera.

If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly 5G handset, why not try the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G? This impressive 5G-ready handset also showcases a 6.39-inch HD display, as well as an innovative pop-up selfie-camera which appears from the top of the phone to ensure the screen is uninterrupted.

Six Months Free Apple Music

Six Months Free Apple Music

All EE customers on either pay-monthly or SIM-only are entitled to claim six months of free Apple Music courtesy of EE. This gives you access to over 40 million tracks, which you can curate into your own favourite playlists, then stream or download at your own convenience.

Setting up this service couldn’t be easier, thanks to a text message prompt that provides a download link for the Apple Music app. If you’re already an Apple Music customer, you’ll also receive a prompt to cancel your existing membership to ensure you’re enjoying the benefit of the free service.


Can I get EE 5G in my area?

EE 5G is currently available in selected cities around the UK, including London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Cardiff, Birmingham and Manchester. More cities are set to be rolled out in the coming months. For further information, take a look at EE’s coverage checker.

Can I access 5G on any phone?

No - in order to access the new 5G network, you’ll need a 5G-ready handset. All handsets deals listed on this page have 5G connectivity, and come with a 5G data tariff, so it’s easy to get started. Learn more here.

Is it easy to switch networks to EE?

Thanks to recent legislation, it’s never been easier to switch networks without fuss. You can switch to EE with a simple text message, and choose whether you want to keep your existing mobile number, or receive a brand new number. Learn more here.

What’s the difference between 4G and 5G?

Offering increased connection speeds, 5G has the potential to reach download speeds of up to 10Gbps, compared to the maximum of 30Mbps on 4G. The 5G service also offers less network congestion in busy areas, so you won’t experience drop-off at crowded events. Learn more here.