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Mobile Phone Cases and iPhone Cases

Protect your mobile from daily wear and tear with our selection of high-quality phone cases, suitable for all the latest handsets from Apple and leading Android brands, including Google, Samsung, Huawei and more.

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Mobile Phone Cases and iPhone Cases


Do smartphones need cases?

Mobile phone cases are the best way to keep your handset safe from the damage that can occur through everyday use. Scratched screens, cracked camera lenses and chips to the main body of your phone are all avoidable with the right phone case – they can even help to protect your handset from damage caused by dust and water. We stock stylish, durable cases for iPhones and handsets from Google, Samsung, and more.

Are cases good for phones?

Buying a phone case for your handset will increase its lifespan considerably, as it provides protection not only from the usual wear and tear, but also from accidents; a dropped phone is far less likely to be damaged if it’s in a case. Browse our selection of cases from big name brands above, and choose the right mobile phone case to keep your smartphone safe while making a stylish statement.

Which phone case offers the best protection?

If you want to maximise the protection for your handset, choosing a mobile phone case made of a durable material like TPU will provide a strong buffer between your handset and the elements. You might also consider opting for a phone case with a flip front, to ensure that the touchscreen on your phone is protected from scratches and drops whenever you’re not using it – as an added bonus, these cases can often function as a stand too.

How do flip phone cases work?

Cases for flip phones that contain a hinge mechanism, like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, work slightly differently. These cases will usually consist of two separate protective sleeves, made of plastic or fabric, which are joined together in the middle by a strip of more flexible material. This allows the phone to stay protected whether it’s open or closed, as well as function at the different angles which the handset can manage.