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Mobile Phone Chargers

Whatever smartphone you own, having a reliable charger will make sure you can quickly boost your device's power back up to 100%. Explore our range of wired and wireless chargers from the industry's best brands today.

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Phone chargers


Can any phone be charged wirelessly?

To take advantage of wireless charging, a device needs to have Qi wireless charging technology built in. Qi is simply a term used across the world to describe a specific type of inductive charging used in wireless chargers. It's important to check that the smartphone you're interested in is Qi-compatible first, before buying a wireless charger. Reading through a device's specs should provide you will all the information you need to make this decision.

What wireless charger do I need for my phone?

When it comes to buying wireless chargers, you don't necessarily need to buy one from the manufacturer who created your phone. For example, wireless chargers from tech brands like Goji will work with any Qi-enabled smartphone, and while Samsung wireless chargers support any compatible Samsung device, they'll also power up iPhones, Huawei handsets, Google Pixel devices and any other Android that offers Qi wireless charging.

How do I charge my phone wirelessly?

Charging a phone wirelessly is simple. Just plug the charger into a power socket, and place your phone onto the dedicated charging pad. Make sure the back of your device is touching the wireless charger, and the screen is face up. Your smartphone should then start charging instantly, but if you're having issues check that the phone is positioned centrally and remove any potential obstruction. Some smartphone cases, grips and stands can block wireless chargers.

Is wireless fast charging as fast as wired?

Wired charging is typically faster than wireless, however wireless charging speeds are continuously increasing. Charging speed is measured in Watts (W), and the charging speed you receive will depend on two things: the phone you own, and the charger you buy. Your handset's specs will reveal its maximum wired and wireless charging speed. The Huawei P30 Pro, for example, offers 15W wireless and 40W wired charging. Once you know the specs for your phone, make sure you don't buy a charger that exceeds the limitations.