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Apple iPhone 7

Colour: Jet Black 2 Colours Available Size: 128GB 2 Sizes Available
Refurbished Handset - New Available
Out of Stock
Buy a refurbished iPhone 7 and enjoy Apple quality for a fraction of the price.
Product Details
Best Apple iPhone 7 deal on Vodafone
Unlimited Minutes & Texts
2GB Data
£15.00 Monthly Cost
Upfront Cost £77.99

Our best Apple iPhone 7 contract deals

Everything you need to know about the Apple iPhone 7

A view from our experts

Rated High


  • Great screen and speakers
  • Incredible performance
  • Water resistant


  • Not Apple's strongest battery life
  • Similar design to previous model
  • Not compatible with 3.5mm headphones

Apple's 2016 flagship might not be top of Apple's line anymore, but with the iPhone 8 adding little to the mix it's still a good choice if you're looking to save a bit of money.

This is a familiar phone to anyone who has used an iPhone before, with a 4.7-inch display and a comfortable design. It's far from the slickest phone around, but it looks nice in the black colour scheme.

When we originally reviewed the iPhone 7 our biggest problem was the disappointing battery life, and this is still our biggest gripe. We barely made it through the day without reaching for the charger, and even iOS 11 doesn't improve things. If you require a phone with impressive endurance, then we'd suggest you look elsewhere.

Battery aside, the iPhone 7 has an impressive camera and packs a water-resistant body. It's also not as delicate as the iPhone 8, as the back is still metal rather than glass. The lack of a headphone jack will no doubt irk some folks, though.

iPhone 7 Display

iPhone 7 Display

iPhone 7 arrives with a stylish unibody of seamless glass and aluminium. The traditional Silver, Gold and Rose Gold finishes are joined by the new Black and Jet Black colour options. As well as making a splash, iPhone 7 can also take a splash, thanks to a water resistant rating of IP67.

The front of iPhone 7 houses the brightest and most colourful iPhone display to date. This 4.7 inch screen is 25% brighter, and features a wide colour gamut as well as the popular 3D Touch feature. Below the display is a redesigned Home button which is now pressure sensitive.

iPhone 7 Camera

iPhone 7 Camera

Featuring a reengineered camera, iPhone 7 offers better results, even in low light. With optical image stabilisation and an f/1.8 aperture, this six-element lens delivers brighter and more detailed shots. There's also a Quad-LED True Tone flash if extra light is required.

New features such as Wide Colour Capture will make your photos and Live Photos all the more eye catching. There's also 4K video capabilities for epic home movies. Finally, the 7MP front facing camera has Wide Colour Capture to offer sharper and more vibrant results.

iPhone 7 Power

iPhone 7 Power

iPhone 7 is supercharged by the A10 Fusion chip, which is Apple's most powerful chip ever. Offering extra processing power when required, and energy efficiency when less power is needed, this intelligent chip makes for a faster and more efficient user experience.

The A10 also means you can enjoy the longest battery life of any smartphone, with more time than ever between charges. This means you can take advantage of a battery life that offers up to two hours longer per charge than iPhone 6.

iPhone 7 Audio

iPhone 7 Audio

iPhone 7 debuts new EarPods with a lightning connector, leading to improved digital audio. If you prefer your old headphones, these can still be used with the 3.5mm adapter which is also included. Also available separately are Apple's AirPods, which offer a wireless experience.

iPhone 7 is also the first ever iPhone to come with stereo speakers, thanks to a new second speaker at the base. This increases the dynamic range, so whether you're listening to music, watching videos, or on speakerphone, iPhone 7 lets you crank it up.

Apple iPhone Range

Product Reviews


80 Reviews

We want to give our customers real advice from real customers. Highlighting the good as well as the not so good points. Our customers are kind enough to take a few minutes out of their busy day to share their experience and opinions of their new smartphone, helping new customers make the right choice for them.

Verified Buyer

Extremely good and efficient service
Phone is in excellent condition and it’s impossible to tell if it’s just not been used or refurbished
Would highly recommend and I will certainly be using them again

Verified Buyer

I have bought this phone for my sixteen year old son. The phone was in excellent condition and we are both pleased with it. I thought the deal price with the data allowance was a superb. Very pleased so far.

Verified Buyer

When the phone arrived, the box contained the handset, a cable and a plug. There were no headphones or adaptor to use headphones. Is this normal? After reading the reviews section, it was evident that another customer raised this point and was told that they would be sent out straight away and then never received any. There also seems to be a pattern of the refurbished iPhone 7s being faulty. The problem I encountered was intermittent and wasn't always present on the device, which is one of the reasons why it was so frustrating because I just get it set up how I like it without issue and then it would stop working correctly and I would have to reset it. With that in mind, is it possible the returned handsets are tested in your end for a short period without finding anything wrong and the faulty phone is simply recirculated? It's odd that out of 8 reviews on the refurbished iPhone 7 (in black), four (including mine) were faulty and got returned. When reading reviews of the brand new iPhone 7s, they seem largely positive. I know the phone is refurbished but it is not unreasonable to expect that the phones should work like new and a 50% working rate isn't great. I also couldn't find anything on the website suggesting that basic accessories would be missing with the refurbished options. If I have missed these, I apologise, but it certainly isn't made clear when purchasing any refurbished products. Also costs money to call and resolve the issue. Also get out on hold all the time or get cut off. Interesting that you get to speak to people much quicker when you call the sales team instead. A company that values profit over customer satisfaction isn't great. Currently paying for a contract I have not been able to use without any offer of holding fees or compensation for the waste of money. My biggest fear now is getting the replacement phone and finding the same problem only to be told I'm now out of the 14 day cancellation period (despite not having a phone for he vast majority of that time frame).

Verified Buyer

The phone is like new, however it is very unclear (some may say it’s deceiving) that you don’t get headphones, any Apple box/manual etc... or even the most essential item- the sim tray tool to add your SIM card to the phone. All links on the refurbished iPhone sale page suggest you get the newer style earbud headphones.. nope! You have to actually search long and hard to find the details that tell you the bad news. Had I know this, for £2 extra a month, I’d have taken a new iPhone 7 deal. Disappointed that a company has to be actively trying to hid the detail that should be 100% clear, and secondly their customerservice is dismissive and despite my explanation around my experience to find out there is no headphones, they took no notice and keep referring me to a hidden page on refurbished phone details.. of which there is no link to from the sale item page.

Verified Buyer

This is an absolute joke of a phone, I had it two days before it started playing up. It won't connect to a bluetooth device, it continually struggles to navigate any security but the screen is the most annoying thing. Turn it on and the screen immediately starts to turn white, you've got about 5 seconds of read time before the white completely overtakes the screen. It surprises me that O2,, or indeed Apple themselves would be happy to align themselves with such a low quality offering. I intend to write to Apple, as they must surely not know what is happening at the fag end of their business. My advice to anyone thinking of making this purchase, would be to save themselves the bother, I'm cancelling.

Verified Buyer

Really bad, and customer service is even worst. Firstly send me wrong colour phone and then it’s not working well as well. And it’s not easy to return or get exchange. Also got 2Gb internet allowance but when I recieved vodafone contract letter it says 1GB internat allowance only. And cashback is very tricky and difficult too

Verified Buyer

When u ring or receive a call u can't hear anybody it makes a funny noise and keeps loosing signal for no reason phoned customer service to be told can't have a new phone sent out till of sent this one back bit still have to pay my contract so would be paying for something I can't use overall not happy at all

Verified Buyer

Ordered the phone 8days ago now still not arrived every time I phone up there is a problem with the system no computers working . At least once a day told me to wait a week for my phone.the customer service terms is in South Africa so they don’t understand a word I am saying big big improvements needed

Verified Buyer

I was happy at start had a nice phone with a tablet as a free gift witch they said would come with phone witch it didn't rang them and they said it takes 5 working days after the phone waited five days rang them for them to say it takes 14 working days be carefully when it comes to free gift people

Verified Buyer

It was faulty. Bought for our daughters birthday and it was clearly not refurbished. Very poor, need to receive back and inspect before sending a replacement also and just offering money to cover contract missing, nothing else as way of saying sorry.