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Apple iPhone 7

Colour: Gold 3 Colours Available Size: 32GB
New Handset - Refurbished Available
Out of Stock
iPhone 7 debuts the first ever stereo speakers on an iPhone, as well as the most efficient chip to date. You can also enjoy the choice of two new colour options – Black and Jet Black (available on 128GB and 256GB only). With a design that looks every bit as powerful as it is, this is iPhone 7. ... Read More
Product Details
Best Apple iPhone 7 deal on iD Mobile
Unlimited Minutes & Texts
Unlimited Data
£27.99 Monthly Cost
Upfront Cost Free
Rollover unused data to the next month for FREE

Our best Apple iPhone 7 contract deals

Everything you need to know about the Apple iPhone 7

A view from our experts

Rated High


  • Great screen and speakers
  • Incredible performance
  • Water resistant


  • Not Apple's strongest battery life
  • Similar design to previous model
  • Not compatible with 3.5mm headphones

Apple's 2016 flagship might not be top of Apple's line anymore, but with the iPhone 8 adding little to the mix it's still a good choice if you're looking to save a bit of money.

This is a familiar phone to anyone who has used an iPhone before, with a 4.7-inch display and a comfortable design. It's far from the slickest phone around, but it looks nice in the black colour scheme.

When we originally reviewed the iPhone 7 our biggest problem was the disappointing battery life, and this is still our biggest gripe. We barely made it through the day without reaching for the charger, and even iOS 11 doesn't improve things. If you require a phone with impressive endurance, then we'd suggest you look elsewhere.

Battery aside, the iPhone 7 has an impressive camera and packs a water-resistant body. It's also not as delicate as the iPhone 8, as the back is still metal rather than glass. The lack of a headphone jack will no doubt irk some folks, though.

iPhone 7 Display

iPhone 7 Display

iPhone 7 arrives with a stylish unibody of seamless glass and aluminium. The traditional Silver, Gold and Rose Gold finishes are joined by the new Black and Jet Black colour options. As well as making a splash, iPhone 7 can also take a splash, thanks to a water resistant rating of IP67.

The front of iPhone 7 houses the brightest and most colourful iPhone display to date. This 4.7 inch screen is 25% brighter, and features a wide colour gamut as well as the popular 3D Touch feature. Below the display is a redesigned Home button which is now pressure sensitive.

iPhone 7 Camera

iPhone 7 Camera

Featuring a reengineered camera, iPhone 7 offers better results, even in low light. With optical image stabilisation and an f/1.8 aperture, this six-element lens delivers brighter and more detailed shots. There's also a Quad-LED True Tone flash if extra light is required.

New features such as Wide Colour Capture will make your photos and Live Photos all the more eye catching. There's also 4K video capabilities for epic home movies. Finally, the 7MP front facing camera has Wide Colour Capture to offer sharper and more vibrant results.

iPhone 7 Power

iPhone 7 Power

iPhone 7 is supercharged by the A10 Fusion chip, which is Apple's most powerful chip ever. Offering extra processing power when required, and energy efficiency when less power is needed, this intelligent chip makes for a faster and more efficient user experience.

The A10 also means you can enjoy the longest battery life of any smartphone, with more time than ever between charges. This means you can take advantage of a battery life that offers up to two hours longer per charge than iPhone 6.

iPhone 7 Audio

iPhone 7 Audio

iPhone 7 debuts new EarPods with a lightning connector, leading to improved digital audio. If you prefer your old headphones, these can still be used with the 3.5mm adapter which is also included. Also available separately are Apple's AirPods, which offer a wireless experience.

iPhone 7 is also the first ever iPhone to come with stereo speakers, thanks to a new second speaker at the base. This increases the dynamic range, so whether you're listening to music, watching videos, or on speakerphone, iPhone 7 lets you crank it up.

Apple iPhone Range

Product Reviews


700 Reviews

We want to give our customers real advice from real customers. Highlighting the good as well as the not so good points. Our customers are kind enough to take a few minutes out of their busy day to share their experience and opinions of their new smartphone, helping new customers make the right choice for them.

Verified Buyer

Excellent service from, very friendly advice. My daughter loves the phone and she's now able to talk to her friends daily. The phone itself does the job nicely. Good battery life. Thanks I will be back when we need to upgrade

Verified Buyer

Upgraded from a 5s and wasn't expecting much- how wrong I was! Battery life is great- I can now go from 7am to 9pm heavily using my phone (photos, FB and maps) before needing to charge. Much clearer screen and improved sound quality, but the real winner is the camera. It is far superior at lower light levels and in selfie mode, with good colour tones (Photos taken with the 5s looked washed out). Aside from that, it's everything you expect from an iPhone, in sleeker luxurious casing.
Minor negatives- lack of headphone jack and passcode being 6 digits rather than 4, Touch ID a bit temperamental.

I got a voucher code for a discount on the upfront cost, cashback via Quidco and a good rate for my old phone so I technically got the phone for free, in which case the iPhone 7 offers fantastic value for money. I wouldn't part with £100 for the upfront contract cost I was originally quoted but if you shop around you could get yourself a cracking deal on a great phone.
Excellent service from, I would recommend them over going direct to the network, they offer far better deals and next day delivery. What's not to love?

Verified Buyer

Phone is brilliant, does everything I need it to and more... But I kind of expected that.

What I didn't expect was the astounding service of - they went above and beyond to ensure I was happy with my purchase. I had an issue; my phone was opened in a random check at their warehouse and the screen got substantially scratched - they took my scratched one and provided me with a brand new replacement the same day. They didn't try and deflect blame or refer me to various different places, they stayed in contact constantly with updates, and their customer service team were really helpful and efficient for once. Plus, their deals are so much better than those offered in store and via the providers themselves.

I'm so impressed with their service that I'm buying phones for all my family from them in a few weeks time. I never usually leave reviews, even less so when things are fine, but these guys really deserve the time it took me to write this. Don't hesitate to use, I'm so happy with my purchase and so happy it was through them!

Verified Buyer

I have upgraded from the iPhone 6plus and although this new phone is not the plus version the fact that it is bigger than the standard 6 but not as big as the plus made it an easeier choice when choosing my upgrade. The battery so far is reasonable about what I'd expect from an iPhone and the build is top notch as always but it doesn't really feel like an upgrade for me as the only thing I really notice is the button change but having said that I'm probably oblivious to most features on any iPhone as I'm not the most savvy and this is only my second apple product. As for value for money, I would struggle to justify the total cost upfront and wonder how any phone could be worth so much but the amaizing offer I got with and Uswitch and the service I received makes it my ultimate saving for the year aswell as now being my first point of call for renewals.

Verified Buyer

Worst service from this company. Did NOT receive my handset. After not being contacted for 2 working days I had to call them to ask what was going on (I had to pay for this call and I was on hold over 10 mins) they told me I failed a security check and the money would be back in my account. No explanation as to why I was not contacted about this. 5 working days later I had still not received my money back. I rang again (another call I had to pay for and was on hold for over 15 mins) and only then was it explained to me that my refund would not be back in my bank. Instead they would send a check which could take up to 28 days to be recieved. During this time I was billed from the phone contracter £25 which I have still not recieved back. 5 working days later the money from the handset magically appeared in my bank

Verified Buyer

This phone is ok. I mean it does what an iPhone usually do, but it does not have the 'wow factor' compared to previous models. The missing 3.5mm jack is inconvenient, but the main button being just a touch surface is fine. The phone looks great in black, but its surface is very slippery. So a good case is very much needed. Unfortunately, the original Apple leather case just the same, so look for something else. In my opinion the phone is big, for my hand at least. You cannot reach everything with your thumb on the screen and on this the new function, that brings the content of the screen down half way on the screen, does not help much either. All together this is a good phone, but still very much overpriced for what it offers. Only with a good deal worth it, otherwise wait for the new one if you are an Apple fan.

Verified Buyer

A friend found the offer by and recommended it to me. I traded up from an iPhone 4S to a 7. I was tempted by the great deal were offering. I am so glad I did.

The iphone 7 operates just like the 4S and its larger screen is much better for viewing things. I was concerned about the increase in size as I found the 4S a good fit in the hand, but i needn't have worried, the size is quite comfortable in my medium female sized hands. The screen quality is much improved from the 4s and the picture quality from the camera is superb.

The only niggle thus far is its incompatibility with my car. Looking on the forums this appears to be a common problem on a wide range of vehicles. I've yet to spend some time finding a solution.

I have now recommended the offer to friends.

Verified Buyer

Delivery was problematic, I set up a delivery slot but the delivery driver went to the wrong house down my road. I saw the driver and so rang the customer service line for the delivery company, they said they would redeliver but didn't do I had to drive 2 hours to the nearest depot to pick it up.

Phone is amazing, absolutely love it. Was easy to set up and works amazingly. The only other problem I've encountered is registering for the billing app with EE, for some reason it won't accept my number, and despite the fact that they send their bills to me and I get texts off of them it won't allow me to create an account online. It's not a massive issue but means it's harder to keep track of my bill and how much data I've used.

Verified Buyer

The phone is great, the service isn't so. I have tried to register online with so I can manage my account and it doesn't work. I am told that 'We've sent you an email with instructions to complete your registration request' but nothing has arrived a week on. I have called the company and the customer service rep says I just need to wait longer. It's ridiculous. I have done it three times and the verification would be instant. There is clearly something wrong with the system. As such, I have no online access to my account nor a copy of my contract. Very disappointing. I wouldn't use this company again and am still trying to rectify the issue.

Verified Buyer

I chose Apple because I have an Apple iPad. Finding this phone difficult compared to previous one. Very small letters and speaks a different language. I need a glossary of terms or translation into Basic English. Can’t ask my tech relatives because we’re all in lockdown.
Can send and receive emails and texts but could do this before I bought the phone. Don’t want to watch TV on it which you seem to think I do. I read that there are books published for plain language users’ needs so will buy one. I’m sure others more up to speed would love it though, jargon and flashy bits and all. Afraid one size does not suit all but will persevere I