**The LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round have officially launched the concept of the curved screen phone into the smartphone arena. **

No longer is a flexible mobile display a thing of science fiction; the two devices demonstrate that curved screen phones could be the future.

So what are the benefits of a curved screen phone?

A curved screen is more ergonomic

First and foremost, a phone with a curved screen is more ergonomic. This means that when it’s in your hand or pocket, the phone fits more comfortably.

The LG G Flex is particularly great when sat in your back pocket, whilst Samsung’s Galaxy Round is more comfortable when in your hand or front pocket.

Either way, when a considerable amount of weight is put on top of the devices (LG recommends no more than 80kg!), it’s less likely to snap or crack like ordinary smartphones.

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G Flex and Galaxy Round save battery

Another benefit of having a curved screen phone is that is can save battery and make it easier to check your notifications at the same time.

With the Samsung Galaxy Round, which is curved horizontally, you can simply tilt the device to check your battery levels, incoming alerts and current time, automatically eliminating the need to wake the phone up.

The G Flex has run away with this idea by developing the “tap to life” function. As the name suggests, by tapping twice on the phone’s curved display, you can wake up the device without even having to pick it up.

When it comes to battery life, the G Flex also boasts one of the most impressive curved batteries we’ve seen in a long time; its 3500mAh battery allows for hours and hours of endless curved screen fun, whether you’re watching videos, checking emails or posting your deepest thoughts via Facebook.

Curved screens improve multimedia experience

Another huge plus of having a phone with a curved display has got to be the improved multimedia capabilities.

If you’re a gamer or a huge movie fan, then you’re sure to benefit from a curved screen, especially in the case of the vertically-curved G Flex.

When held horizontally, the G Flex reduces glare and makes the viewing experience much more realistic.

With the rise of curved screen TVs, it’s obvious that a rounded display can only make multimedia viewing better!

Flexible screen technology is the future

And finally, there’s no denying that curved screen technology is the future. As mentioned above, curved-screen TVs are already breaking their way into UK stores, again from the likes of Samsung and LG.

Also, LG is rumoured to be making Apple’s first ever iWatch, set to feature a curved screen, meaning we could well see this curved, or even flexible, screen technology extended to more and more devices in the future.

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