Offering great value for money, a new 5G service, and more 4G coverage across the UK than any other provider, it's no surprise that so many mobile users have already turned to EE to help them stay connected.

Below, we've gathered together all the benefits of being with EE, to keep you in the loop.

EE 5G and 4G coverage - larger than any other network

As the first UK network to switch on the next-generation 5G service, EE offer superfast 5G connection speeds across London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Belfast, Manchester and Cardiff, with many more cities set to follow into 2020.

EE were also the first network in the UK to offer 4G to their customers? And as the largest 4G network in the UK, you'll find coverage almost everywhere in the country.

EE are continuously expanding, and aim to cover 95% of the country's landmass by 2020. If you're looking for reliable service no matter where you are, or if you struggle to stay connected in your hometown, EE might just be the network for you.

Ranked by RootMetrics as the fastest network for five years running (2013-2018), you'll be able to download your favourite songs, videos and apps at record-breaking speed.

EE Roaming

With EE, customers on eligible plans can take their monthly allowance on holiday. This means you can use your minutes, texts and data, whenever travelling abroad across 48 destinations within the EU/EUA.


Post your holiday snaps to social media, keep in touch with friends back home, and even stream movies and TV shows when taking a break in the hotel, all made possible with EE roaming.

EE WiFi calling and 4G calling

In the unlikely event that you're out of signal, there are fallback options available on EE to ensure you're never caught short. WiFi Calling lets you call and text even if you're out of signal - just connect to the nearest WiFi and use your handset as normal.


EE also give their customers the opportunity to use 4G Calling on compatible phones. You can even multitask - go handsfree and chat with your friends while reading emails or using maps, you'll still receive the same high-speed service.

For those who like to use Wi-Fi Calling, your phone will automatically switch over to 4G Calling seamlessly if you lose connection. You'll never miss word, and you won't even be able to notice the difference when it changes over either.

Apple Music and BT Sport

Pay monthly customers on EE can enjoy a whole host of exciting benefits. If you love listening to the latest songs from the world's biggest artists, then don't forget to take advantage of EE's Apple Music offer. Customers ordering a new contract or upgrade can receive six months free service, meaning you'll have access to thousands of songs and unique playlists. What's more, EE will cover the data you use while making use of the service, so your music streaming won't be limited by your monthly data allowances.


Even better, data usage alerts are provided as standard. If you find yourself close to your 4G limit after enjoying too much music, you'll be notified instantly, meaning no unwanted, costly charges will end up on your monthly bill. To start, just text MUSIC to 150. If you've already used this promotion on a previous contract, just text STREAM to 150, and EE will cover all your Apple Music data for 6 months.

Sports fans will be delighted to hear that EE offer three months' free live sport too, via the BT Sport app. You just need to text SPORT to 150 to opt-in, and enjoy watching the latest sporting action.


Keeping on top of your usage is simple as well, thanks to the My EE app. To view your monthly allowances, just log in - you'll be able to see who you've called and how much data you've used 24/7. Any extra charges will be logged as they occur, so you can spot them and raise any queries instantly if you need to do so.

Getting the EE app couldn't be easier. EE customers can text APP to 150 to start the download process, or you can alternatively visit either the Apple or Android store to search for your free download.

Data Sharing

If you're an EE customer, you can now take advantage of data sharing, a useful service that lets you gift spare data from your plan to someone else’s. You can start data sharing by adding family members to your account, and then use the My EE app to send data around the plans.


Once you’ve added family members to the account, you can then go into the Family Usage page on the My EE app. Choose the person who needs data, the amount of data they’ll receive (500MB minimum) and then select which account will gift the data. Once complete, the data will be available to use immediately.

Data Boost

EE also offer home broadband services, which may be convenient for customers looking to tie together their phone plan and Wi-Fi provider. If you do decide to take out a home broadband package with EE, you’ll automatically receive a Data Boost on your mobile package each month.


You’ll receive a massive extra 20GB with a Fibre Max Broadband contract or a 5GB boost with Fibre and Standard Broadband plans. Even if you don’t have a phone line, you can still sign up to EE’s 4GEE Home router too, which works on the same 4G network used by any EE smartphone. You’ll receive a 5GB Data Boost with this service too.

UK Call Centres

When you ring the EE customer service line, you’ll be connected to one of EE's call centres based in either the UK and Ireland. If you have an issue or even just a general query, it’s easy to get the answers you need.


EE’s call centres are open year-round, from 8am to 9pm on weekdays and 8am to 8pm on weekends. You can also use EE’s Live Chat service if you’d prefer not to call. Don't forget to check the Help and EE Community pages on EE's website too, the answer to your question may have already been solved.

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