**Between going to work, trying to keep fit and eating your five a day, it’s not surprising that you feel exhausted by the end of the week. **Sometimes even the seemingly most successful of women let things get on top of them. And it’s no surprise to learn that, somewhere out there, there’s a smartphone app that might just help you on the road to becoming the Beyonce or the Michelle Obama that you envision yourself being.

So here is our run down of the 6 best apps for women that every lady on the road to success should download- and what’s more, they’re all free.

How to win at everyday life

OK so technology might not be able to turn you into a Michelin star chef or stop your boss being a total idiot, but it can definitely get you out of a sticky situation or two.

Remember the Milk

Available: iOS and Android

Remember the Milk is the perfect app for girls with hectic lifestyles. Whether you need to make an urgent trip to the post office, or just pick up some bread on your way home, Remember the Milk for Android and iOS comes to your aid every time.

Compared to your typical organisation apps, Remember the Milk lets you group your to-do list into as many categories as you want- work, shopping, Christmas… You can set priorities for all your jobs, and can even arrange for email or text alerts to make sure that you never miss a deadline.

Just Eat

Available: iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Being a modern woman is all about having fun- not slaving away in the kitchen. So for those winter nights when you can’t be bothered to cook, and when you don’t want to feel the guilt of reading your order out loud, there’s the Just Eat app.

Scan the menus of all the local eateries and place your order online- you don’t even need to pay with cash. So put on your dressing gown and treat yourself. Unfortunately for those times when you’ve had a spectacularly bad day, there’s still not an alcohol delivery app in operation. Shame…

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Budget without being thrifty

Regardless of how much money goes into your bank at the start of each month, by the end of it you always find yourself staring in bewilderment at your less than healthy bank balance. And while any successful girl knows that money isn’t everything, we’re also aware that having some pennies put aside for a rainy day is always a good thing.

Money Lover

Available: iOS, Android and Windows Phone

With the Money Lover app you can record all of your monthly expenses as you go, from those big purchases right down to that naughty Monday morning pick-me-up from Starbucks.

Compare your monthly spend to your ideal budget, and categorise all of your spending to see where you can afford to cut back.

Mint Bill Reminder

Available: iOS and Android

Another app to make sure you stay in the black each month is Mint bill reminder which does, well, exactly that. Amongst work, food shopping and yoga classes, the last thing on your mind is when the electricity bill is due, which is where the Mint app steps in.

It might take a few minutes to set up to begin with, but once you have entered your bill details- typical cost, due date etc.- the app will send you automatic alerts via text or email. Mint will even let you know when your bank account is looking a bit low to make sure you don’t dip into any unwanted overdrafts.

A girls’ guide to dating

According to The Rules (circa 1995), a modern woman should never call a man and should rarely return his calls. Really? In 2015 we’re all about embracing technology to spark up new relationships, instead of sitting around and waiting for a man to call. So here’s a run down of the best dating apps for the modern woman…

OK Cupid

Available: iOS and Android

And while we’ve all heard of Tinder and Plenty of Fish, it’s time to take a more realistic look at dating via your smartphone. Rather than just swiping through gazillion profiles in the hope of finding Mr Right, OK Cupid lets you match yourself with similar people based on its time and tested algorithm.

You can chat with people using the app or discover mutual matches so you don’t feel like you’re stabbing in the dark. And for any real daredevils, there’s even a feature which lets you set up a blind date! Just name the date, place and time, and you’ll get a scrambled photo of your potential future husband…


Available: iOS

So the quest for Mr Right hasn’t quite worked out, and you’re onto your second third cocktail (but who’s counting?). It’s times like this when you need a tub of Ben and Jerry’s, your best mates, and this app.

Textalyzer analyses your texts to determine whether you really want to send that ‘I miss you’ text to your Ex by making you do a few co-ordination tasks. If you fail, the app holds onto the message for up to 12 hours- just enough time to reassess with a slightly clearer head…

Best apps for women on the road to success…

We’re all into being independent ladies, but no-one said we couldn’t get a little help from technology along the way, right? With these 6 apps to put us straight on the road to success, us girls can take on the world with one app at a time.

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