Facebook held their “Mobile Event” yesterday which had many a wild rumour running around the internet, and in this instance some of the rumours were right.

Facebook announced an update to their messaging service, as speculated Facebook will be offering an e-mail client which some are saying will be a Gmail killer. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained however that although e-mail is currently the chosen way of communicating via the internet, he didn’t expect e-mail would be so dominant in the future.

Results from a teenage focus group highlighted that Live chat and SMS were the preferred ways of messaging due to the instantaneous delivery and response you can expect. Facebook’s new approach is actually combining as many messaging portals as possible to become a hub for your communication. In the very near future you will be able to send text messages directly to your friends via Facebook. They will be able to reply directly from their phone to your facbook inbox and a record of the conversation will be saved on your account. For more details regarding the new messaging systems check out Facebooks help pages

Other announcements stated that Facebook places will be coming to both Android and new BlackBerry devices with an update to their respective apps. The Android application will now support the Galaxy Tab to the frustration of many iPad users who are still waiting for a dedicated application. When Mark Zuckerberg was quizzed on whether or not the application was being developed for the iPad his response was “The iPad is not a mobile device”. Many may disagree with this point of view, however as Facebook currently only develop applications for mobile devices iPad owners will have to use the website or use the iPhone app and it’s pixelated icons for now.

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