Are you a bit a bit of an accident prone? You’re always dropping, smashing or spilling water on your mobile? Then check out these awesome accessories, they’re designed with you in mind!

Summer is approaching and things are hotting up. The Sun Visor is the perfect accessory to keep your phone cool (in every sense of the word). Skirt also included.

The Phone Brolly is determined to prevent your phone from sleeping with the fishes. So clip on and quit worrying about watery accidents. Available in a range of colours.

Stop the drop and rest or run, (heck, you could even throw) without any worries. The****Phone Parachute is the latest smartphone innovation which is stirring excitement within the clumsy community.

Did you know that there are over 300, 000 phones stolen in the UK every year? Invest in the Phone Siren and dare any thief to try it. We bet they run. If they don’t, they’ll wish they did. It’s badass.

Adventure junkies are going crazy for Phone Goggles, which make screen damage a thing of the past. Scientists have carried extensive research on this accessory and have come to the conclusion that if they’re good enough for your eyes, then they’re good enough for your phone.

If none of these tickle your fancy, you could always try entering our Broke My Phone Competition.