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2660 128MB Black (Front)
2660 128MB Black (Back)

Nokia 2660 Deals

Colour: Black 2 Colours Available Size: 128MB
Out of Stock

Experience a handset which is simple and easy-to-use with our best Nokia 2660 deals. Featuring large buttons, loud volume, and a user-friendly interface, this handset is perfect for those looking for easy accessibility. This handset also includes an Emergency Button for quick contact with up to five people and Hearing Aid Compatibility. ... Read More

Best Nokia 2660 deal on iD Mobile
Unlimited Minutes & Texts
2GB Data
£6.99 Monthly Cost*
Monthly price increases each April by CPI rate of inflation +3.9% 
Upfront Cost £39.00

*Monthly price will rise each April in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). rate of inflation, +3.9%.

Our best Nokia 2660 contract deals

Everything you need to know about the Nokia 2660