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Nokia Phone Deals

Famous for their durable, reliable and affordable handsets, Nokia recently made a welcome return to the smartphone market. From the nostalgic charm of the 105 v5 to the cutting-edge Nokia 6.2, there's a Nokia phone for every taste.

Nokia Smartphones

Nokia Smartphones

Nokia is a Finnish company, which was at the forefront of mobile phone production right from the start. Initially famous for its iconic mobiles of the early 21st century, Nokia has continued to move with the times, today offering cutting-edge smartphones you can trust.

Offering impressive specs at affordable prices, Nokia mobile phone deals are perfect for smartphone fans everywhere. Whether you're looking for the latest tech and features, or a basic phone with bags of personality, the Nokia range has got you covered.

Nokia Mobile Phone Deals

Nokia Mobile Phone Deals

If you’re looking for Nokia smartphones at an affordable price, you’ve come to the right page. This page showcases all our best Nokia deals, letting you discover the perfect handset for you. With low upfront costs and budget-friendly line rental, you’re sure to find the perfect contract.

If you don’t want to be tied down, Nokia also offer SIM free handsets such as the Nokia 105 version 5. This means you can pick up the handset for a low upfront cost, then use it with your own SIM card for an even more low-cost option

Nokia 6.2

Nokia 6.2

If you’re looking for great smartphone specs on a budget, look no further than the Nokia 6.2. With its 6.3-inch HD display, it’s ready to keep your entertained with your favourite blockbuster movies, TV box sets, and mobile games.

This affordable device also features a stunning 16MP+8MP+5MP triple camera for amazing photo results, and an 8MP front facing camera for stunning selfies. It also arrives with a long-lasting battery and dedicated Google Assistant button

Nokia 105 v5

Nokia 105 v5

Nokia's budget range is led by the reappearance of an old favourite. This simple yet hardworking phone is ideal for anyone who just needs a phone for calls and texts, a starter phone for young family members, or an emergency phone for the glove box.

The new Nokia 105 v5 offers the same iconic contours, while improving the specs for a modern audience. Famous for its long-lasting battery, this classic device offers a mammoth 15 hours talk time, and can last for up to a month on standby.


Do Nokia phones run on Android?

Nokia smartphones run the Android operating system, so you can enjoy all the best features , apps and services that Google has to offer.

Is Nokia a good phone for seniors?

Some Nokia handsets are particularly popular with senior users. Non-smartphone options such as the Nokia 105 offer a simple user experience, physical buttons, and extended battery life.