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Why You (Yes You!) Need a Huawei Phone in Your Life!

Sony Xperia handset

Huawei might not be the most well-known company on the market, or boast the fanciest advertising campaigns, but we’re here to show you why you should put some serious thought into Huawei when your next upgrade is due. So if you’re stuck in smartphone limbo, why not take note of some of these brilliant Huawei features?

first for smartphones

Emotion UI

Triluminos display - Sony Xperia

Huawei has always favoured the Android operating system when it comes down to its smartphones, but it’s not the stock Android you’ll be finding when you turn on your Huawei handset for the first time. Huawei’s Emotion user interface is designed to slot neatly on top of the standard Android kit to make for an interesting twist to the operating system.

Featuring a block of windows, the Emotion UI might remind you of iOS more than Android. Using windows of apps, there’s no need for a dedicated app list, which is common place in most other systems.

Super Selfies!

Huawei isn’t one to let slip when it comes to cameras, and the Ascend P7 is proof of that with its critically acclaimed selfie snapper. Packing a whopping 8 megapixels into the front facing snapper, Huawei’s dedicated camera technology makes for unmatched quality when grabbing a quick selfie.

The rear facing camera’s no slacker either, boasting 13 megapixels of its own. So if you’re a bit of a photo addict, a Huawei phone could be right down your alley.

Simple Mode

Sony Xperia smartphone

Smartphones nowadays can be quite complex, especially if you’re a first timer. Thankfully, most Huawei smartphones offer a Simple Mode to help dumb down your device to a level that anyone can understand.

Key apps are placed in large boxes on the home screen so they are easy to find, whilst menus are made friendlier as well. The feature is ideal for younger or older users, meaning a Huawei phone can suit almost any user without a hitch.

Slimmer than Ever!

Design is a key attribute for any smartphone, and the Huawei Ascend P6 takes its looks to the next level. Boasting an incredibly thin 6.18mm waist, the P6 is one of the world’s slimmest smartphones, and looks terrific.

Not only does it look great, it also makes the P6 feel extremely lightweight. So if you’re tired of bulky phones clogging your pocket maybe the Ascend P6 could be a phone worth grabbing.

Dual Antenna

Waterproof Sony Xperia phones

Losing signal is a problem that some of us face with our smartphones on a daily basis, but Huawei has come up with a way of tackling this annoying problem. Built into the Ascend G7 and other recently released handsets, Huawei’s Smart Dual-Antenna Switching ensures you won’t be dropping out of calls unexpectedly any more.

The dual antenna works using an antenna in both the top and bottom of the device, reducing the odds of a mobile blackout. So if you’re struggling for signal with your current handset a Huawei handset could well be the answer.

Fingerprint Technology

Fingerprint scanning might not be the most original feature, but it is one of the hardest to implement effectively, and Huawei has got it bang on with the Mate 7. Working at any angle, the Huawei Ascend Mate 7’s fingerprint scanner works regardless of how you’re holding the handset.

Private information from the scanner is encrypted and you’re in control of the apps that require your fingerprint to open up. If you fancy keeping your Twitter feed away from your friends’ grasp, the Mate 7 will help you keep your private life, well, private.

Smart Energy Saving

Waterproof Sony Xperia phones

Another major issue that accompanies any smartphone user, battery life is helped greatly by Huawei’s energy saving feature. If you drop down to 10% battery, your handset will help manage your energy consumption to last an extra 24 hours.

Also, the service is always working in the background to ensure that you only use the energy you really need, as well as offering you estimated time remaining on your charge. If you’re out and about regularly, this feature will be hugely beneficial.

Phone Management

Do you often find your phone running too many apps, or struggling to keep up with the day to day rigours of your hectic schedule? If so Huawei’s Phone Management mode should help deal with any niggling issues.

Not only does it keep things running smoothly, but it also clears out any unwanted data, stops those annoying PPI messages and helps speed up your phone by closing unimportant apps. It’s a great little feature from Huawei which can make a big difference in your day to day life.

Waterproof Sony Xperia phones

The latest Huawei phones at

Waterproof Sony Xperia phones

So do you really need any more reason to go and grab yourself the latest handset from Huawei? With features like these it’s easy to see why the manufacturer has grown into one of the best smartphone developers on the planet. So, if you fancy picking one up, you can check out all of our brilliant Huawei phones here!

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