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iD Coverage

iD Mobile Coverage

With 4G mobile coverage across 99% of the UK population, you can be sure of great service from iD Mobile. You can also now receive 5G coverage on iD Mobile, available in numerous UK destinations, compatible with a range of 5G-ready handsets.

Don’t fancy being tied in to a length phone contract? Keep your options open with a SIM only deal from iD, and change your mind sooner. Choose a rolling 30-day connection, which means you’ll always be free from commitment.

iD Tariffs

iD Tariffs

Tariff caps are available to avoid nasty surprises on your bill. Just look for tariffs marked as ShockProof, as these plans come with an automatic £5 cap on calls, texts and data. Once the cap is reached, you won’t be able to use any more of that particular allowance.

If you love to travel, then why not choose a TakeAway tariff. This roaming-friendly option lets you use your monthly bundles abroad without incurring extra charges. Call, text, and browse the web as normal within a total of 29 counties including European destinations, Australia and USA.

iD Rolling SIMS

iD Rolling SIMS

With an iD SIM only deal, you can avoid tying yourself in to a long term commitment. If you want to avoid contracts, choose a SIM on a rolling-monthly basis, which means you’re never more than 30 days away from the opportunity to cancel.

This no-commitment arrangement is perfect for anyone looking to save some cash while waiting for the next big handset release. It’s also a great way to test the water if you’re new to smartphones, and not sure how much data you’re likely to need every month.

iD SIM Sizes

iD SIM Sizes

There are three different SIM sizes out there, so how do you make sure you get your hands on the correct one to fit your phone? The answer is simple when you order an iD SIM only deal. The SIM you receive will be a multi SIM, which fits any SIM slot.

If you’re not sure whether your phone takes a regular SIM, micro SIM, or nano SIM, then just place your existing SIM over the multi SIM. You’ll easily see the correct corresponding size, and can break down the multi SIM to the correct option with minimum fuss and hassle.

Get ready for 5G Terms and Conditions

iD 5G is available on selected 5G compatible phones only, click here for list of phones. Coverage depends on location