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iD Mobile Contract Deals

We’re rolling out 5G on selected phones. This means 5G at no extra cost for customers on selected handsets, check below for our latest iD Mobile deals.

iD 5G
iD Data Rollover
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Everything you need to know about iD Mobile

iD Mobile Coverage

iD Mobile Coverage

iD Mobile coverage reaches an impressive 99% of the UK population. This means you’ll enjoy the benefits of superfast 4G across the UK, and 5G in compatible areas, letting you browse, download and stream your favourite content on the go.

If you want 5G connection, take a look at our range of iD Mobile 5G deals. These tariffs offer next-generation network speeds, and are available on selected handsets. You can discover which handsets are available with iD Mobile 5G right here.

iD Mobile Roaming

iD Mobile Roaming

Experience lower bills on holiday with iD Mobile. Now you can stay in touch with friends and family, at no extra cost across 50 destinations. This includes numerous European destinations as well as a handful of locations beyond Europe for good measure.

If you’re travelling further afield, be sure to check your roaming charges with iD Mobile first. You can do this, and enable roaming on your handset, by downloading the iD Mobile app or logging into iD Mobile’s ‘My Account’ and navigating to ‘My Extras’.

iD Mobile Benefits

iD Mobile Benefits

iD Mobile offers Data Rollover as a free benefit on all tariffs. With this feature, any unused data from your monthly allowance rolls over to the next month. Your unused data is the first to be used each month, giving you the maximum time to use it up.

iD Mobile also helps you to keep any eye on your budget, with bill capping to help limit your monthly spend. Choose your cap between £0 and £25 wither through the iD Mobile app, or the iD Mobile ‘My Account’ online, and never worry about bill shock again.

iD Mobile App

iD Mobile App

Stay on top of your account wherever you are, with the helpful iD Mobile app. Offering instant access to your iD contract, bills and allowances, you’ll be in total control. If you need a little extra, you can also purchase bundles and blot-ons if and when you need them.

Simply download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and you’ll be ready to go. iD Mobile will send you an SMS code for a secure sign-in, after which you can choose your own username, password, or use your fingerprint if your handset supports this.


Can I get iD Mobile in my area?

The iD Mobile network offers reliable 4G which covers a massive 99% of the UK population, and superfast 5G in selected areas. If you’re unsure about your area, you can check iD Mobile’s coverage checker before purchase.

Can I cap my bills on iD Mobile?

Yes, with a cap on your contract, you’ll be safe from running up unexpected bills on calls, texts and data. Just choose your cap online before you start your contact, and you’ll even get message reminders to let you know how close to your limits you are.

Is iD Mobile available on SIM only?

Yes, if you want to reduce your monthly bills, or just hold tight for an upcoming big handset release, you can save money with an iD Mobile SIM only plan. With cheaper payments and shorter contracts, you can keep your options open with 1 or 12 months plans.

How do I get the iD Mobile app?

The iD Mobile app is available on both Apple and Android, so you can get it through the App Store or Google Now. Simply download it to your handset, and you’ll be ready to keep an eye on your usage, and control your spending at the tap of a button.

Get ready for 5G Terms and Conditions

iD 5G is available on selected 5G compatible phones only, click here for list of phones. Coverage depends on location