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LG G5 - Order today

The newest flagship release from LG is the long awaited LG G5, and this next-generation handset certainly doesn’t disappoint.

With the display, processor and camera all getting a boost since the previous release in the G series, this super smartphone has a host of noteworthy features. Order yours today.


LG G5 Display

The LG G5 features an ‘always-on’ display – showing dimply lit information even when the screen has powered down. Important information such as time, date and notification is available at a glance at all times, making this the smartphone that never sleeps. Movies, games and videos all look stunning on the LG G5, thanks to a dazzling 4K display that offers vibrant images and true-life colours at four times the resolution of standard HD.


Holiday photos will never be the same, thanks to the smart 16 megapixel camera. This intelligent lens is equipped with a dual-camera set up that houses an 8 megapixel lens next-door to the main camera. This ensures professional photography results, as you take full control of your subject’s exposure and depth of field.

LG G5 Camera


LG G5 Power

LG have brought their A game when it comes to powering the LG G5, and have equipped it with Snapdragon’s 820 processor – its most high-performance chip to date. This means you can expect smoother usability when gaming and multitasking, as well as keeping any handset heat to a minimum and offering longer battery life.

Add-ons and extras

Possibly the most unique feature of the LG G5 is the handset’s detachable base. This section can be swapped for alternative units, referred to by LG as ‘friends’. There are currently two ‘friends’ to choose from – a 32-bit digital sound converter to improve audio playback, and a camera controller to assist one-handed photography.

Other extras available include the LG 360 cam, which captures the world around you in every direction. There’s also the LG 360 VR headset, which plugs into the G5 to offer a lightweight and interactive way to enjoy immersive Virtual Reality playback.

LG G5 addons