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Innovative design

Durable lightweight

With its eye-catching, full-metal body and streamlined design, the LG G5 SE looks and feels great. At just 7.3mm wide and weighing in at 156g, it's lightweight and easily fits into your pocket.

Made from a singular piece of aluminium, the G5 SE isn't interrupted by bulky buttons or rough edges. Glass meets metal seamlessly, and the curved edges of the screen allow users to view more without the need for a larger display. You'll find the fingerprint sensor conveniently located on the back - right where your finger rests naturally - and it doubles up as a power button as well.

The battery is removable, meaning you can bring a backup with you for convenience, if you’re planning a long journey.

Always-on display

Taking centre stage on the G5 SE is the 5.3-inch, Quad HD display that's rich in colour and highly responsive to your touch. The always-on screen means you'll never miss an important message or notification again - at a glance you'll be able to see the date, time, messages and mentions from your favourite social media channels.

If you're outdoors, enable daylight mode. LG have added an enhanced IPS Quantum display to the G5 SE, so when the sun is shining the screen will adapt and get brighter. Watch videos, reply to emails and browse the web with more clarity, and view that always-on screen no matter where you are.

Even better, the display is made from sturdy Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which means the LG G5 SE can definitely withstand an impact, and it is scratch-resistant too.

Always On Display

Wide-angle lenses

Wide angle lense

Capture the whole picture, and pack more into one shot thanks to the G5 SE's wide-angle camera. An image taken on the device's rear camera can span across 135 degrees, meaning your photos will reflect the human eye's field of view.

Coming in at an impressive 16MP too, there's no denying LG have added one seriously impressive lens into this affordable device. Budding photographers won't be disappointed; it's easy to take a professional-looking photo with this impressive smartphone.

Selfie-lovers, you haven't been forgotten either. There's an 8MP, front-facing snapper on board, producing high-quality images for your favourite social media channels. Supremely detailed, even in low light, and recreating true-to-life colours, you'll never need to spend time editing your photos for Instagram or Twitter again.