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LG mobile phone contracts

LG Mobile Phone Deals

Known for innovative features and stylish designs, LG phones deliver a seamless Android experience. Go premium with the G series, or budget with Optimus.

    £15.00 per month

    £769.99 upfront cost

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Guide to LG mobile phones

What are the best features of LG phones?

LG phone features

The LG mobile phone range caters a wide selection of handsets for every need. Feel the power of the premium LG G3, save big on the affordable Optimus range or go pure Android with a Nexus smartphone. The best from LG, available on our best mobile phone contract deals.

Want to learn more? Take a look at our guide to the best features on LG smartphones.

LG phones are packed with innovative features. To factor in a large Full HD display on the G3 smartphone, LG positioned a main button on the back. The Optimus L3 II and beyond have intuitive features such as the Cheese Shutter and Quick Memo function. The LG Nexus 5 smartphone is installed with pure Google Android; take full advantage of advanced LG hardware on an Android that's always up to date.

For the latest LG mobile phone contracts and pay monthly deals, view our full product range.


LG are a company known for leading the way in cutting-edge technology. The South Korean brand were established in 1958 as Goldstar and merged with Lucky Chemical in 1995 to become the brand it is today.

LG Electronics develop and provide innovative technology for home appliances, home entertainment, mobile communications and even vehicle components. Known for making Korea's first home-built radios, refrigerators and TVs, LG are a highly respected company who repeatedly make waves in the mobile world. In 1995 the brand brought the world the first CDMA digital mobile handset, and in 2007 LG introduced the first capacitive touchscreen – a staple of today's tech.

LG continue to produce flagship phones with unique features and stylish designs. From the ground-breaking G series to the budget K series, there’s an LG phone to suit everyone.

LG history

Why choose LG?

LG specs

LG mobiles are powerful devices that continue to push smartphone technology forward. Famous for their stunning HD screens, high quality cameras and clever processors, LG phones of all price tags aim to make every user’s life easier, more productive and creatively enriched.

Extraordinary tech specs aren’t the only thing LG has to offer, and the elegant curved designs of each device aims to increase comfort through complementing the contours of the face. Impressive on the inside and the outside, LG mobiles always deliver with advanced, durable smartphones.

Special features

  • G Flex – G Flex is LG’s self-healing technology, using heat to rub the scratches away and leave your screen as good as new.
  • Gesture Shot – Take a selfie without having to stretch for the capture button with LG’s gesture shot. To activate, wave your hand in front of the camera, wait for the device to detect it and clench it into a fist to begin the short countdown.
  • High Quality Cameras - LG phones boast up to 16MP cameras, producing high quality, crystal-clear images and videos to share on social, with friends or with family.
  • 4K display – Premium LG handsets feature 4K displays, and the ultra HD screens depict images, videos and games with intense clarity.
LG special features

The Latest LG Releases

latest LG handsets
  • LG G5 – An incredibly fast phone with an always-on 5.3-inch Quad HD display, 16MP dual lens rear camera and secure fingerprint sensor. This advanced piece of tech is one of LG’s latest flagship devices.
  • LG X Screen - An interesting release from LG, the X Screen is a mid-range smartphone that has an always-on secondary display, showing notifications and apps while offering quick access to contacts.
  • LG K8 – With its affordable price tag, 8MP camera and HD display the LG K8 is a device that brings advanced technology to users on a budget.

Round up

LG offer a wide range of phones, from the budget-friendly to advanced, premium devices. However much you decide to spend on your LG contract, reliability, durability and a fantastic user experience is guaranteed with every LG handset.

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