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Microsoft mobile phone contracts

Microsoft Phones

Style and precision are at the heart of every Microsoft phone. With their own operating system, Microsoft lovers won't want to miss our handset deals.

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Guide to Microsoft mobile phones

Everyone in the tech world has heard of Microsoft, and its unsurprising that the computer giants have expanded into the smartphone world. Running its own operating system, Microsoft offer a selection of top-of-the-range smartphones that are durable, efficient and house some truly outstanding features.

Why choose Microsoft?

Microsoft phone

Microsoft smartphones are beautifully made, with seamless designs that excel in style and precision. Inside, you'll find the most cutting-edge tech, from 20MP cameras to octa-core processors. Quality and endurance are at the very heart of every Windows phone, and within the most premium handsets you'll find crisp quad HD displays, 4K video recording and the helpful assistant Cortana.

With the powerful Windows operating system installed on every device, integration between your PC and smartphone has never been simpler, aiding productivity and making work even easier when you're on the move.

Microsoft updates

All the latest Microsoft smartphone releases can be found on their YouTube channel. Hit subscribe for updates on the major phone releases.

Special Features

  • Windows 10: Microsoft's latest and most advanced smartphones, such as the Lumia 950, have Windows 10 installed, making the handset operate in an incredibly similar way to a PC. Access Microsoft Office and OneDrive in one touch, and enjoy the familiar Windows interface on your device.
  • Cortana: Your personal assistant designed to make using every Windows device even easier. Cortana can search the web, make calls, create a reminder and even manage your calendar. To activate, simply say "hey, Cortana".
Microsoft phone with laptop

The Latest Microsoft Releases

Latest microsoft phones
  • Microsoft Lumia 950: The Lumia 950 is one of Microsoft's most premium phones, featuring an outstanding 20MP camera that truly sets the device apart from other handsets on the market. The ultra-thin design and aluminium body look sleek and stylish, and an advanced iris scanner helps to improve phone security.
  • Microsoft Lumia 650: With Windows 10 installed, the Lumia 650 is a fantastic affordable smartphone. With an 8MP camera, an impressive 5-inch HD display and Cortana on command, the Lumia 650 offers much more than its price-tag would suggest.

Round up

Whether you're a Windows fan or simply an innovative tech lover, Microsoft have brought some ground-breaking new devices onto the market. Affordable and premium handsets are available, so no matter what your budget there'll be a Microsoft contract out there that's ideal for you.

Microsoft smartphones