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Stunning display

Stunning 5.2 inch full-HD display

Get more from your movies, games and videos on the 5.2 inch full-HD display, featuring natural colours, exceptional brightness and fully laminated screen. Step outside, and you’ll continue to have easily readable content thanks to the 5’s intelligent polarizer.

Immerse yourself in a user experience which is designed for you. Simple navigation and regular updates combine with fingerprint security to keep your data away from any unwanted visitors.


Capture the perfect moment in stunning high definition, thanks to the impressive 13MP main camera of the Nokia 5. Not only is it packed with handy features such as scene detection and autofocus, there’s also a dual-tone flash to help you take natural looking photos, even in low light.

If you love using the front camera, you’ll be pleased to see that the Nokia 5 features an 8MP selfie camera with rapid switch mode so you can flick between the two with ease. What’s more, with its handy wide angel lens, you can be certain to get group selfies without missing anyone out.

Impressive 13MP main camera

Life Proof

Beautifully seamless craftsmanship

Inspired by Nokia’s outstanding history, the Nokia 5 has been designed with the purpose of durability and style. The Nokia 5 is crafted from a single piece of precision-milled aluminium, to ensure the maximum level of durability is delivered across every Nokia 5 device.

To protect the legacy of Nokia’s outstanding quality, the Nokia 5 has endured over 600 different testing scenarios, this means you can feel confident in your device wherever life takes you. What’s more, Nokia have done all of this whilst still delivering an impressive spec.

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