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Introducing the new Nokia Family

Nokia handsets 2017

Nokia are back on the scene, with a whole family of new handsets to choose from. Smartphone fans are set to be dazzled by the cutting-edge tech of the Nokia 6, while anyone with a soft spot for yesteryear will be seduced by the charms of the returning Nokia 3310.

Last seen at the turn of the millennium when it sold a staggering 126 million units, the Nokia 3310 went down in history as one of the best-selling mobiles of all time. But now the history books are being re-opened, and this retro favourite is all set to make a triumphant comeback for 2017. Redesigned for today’s market, the all-new Nokia 3310 arrives in a range of eye-catching shades, with a full colour display, and of course the classic Snake game.

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Meet the new Nokia 3310

Classic Features, Reimagined

Nokia 3310

As the perfect smartphone alternative, this snazzy and simple device offers benefits you don’t get from even the latest smartphone – namely a battery that lasts for weeks on end. It’s also less prone to shattering when dropped, and let’s not forget the welcome return of physical buttons!

One area where Nokia have chosen to make a few tweaks is in the appearance, with the all-new Nokia 2017 arriving in a choice of bright colours that are sure to catch your eye. The display is also now full-colour, complete with a polarised layer to deflect the glare of direct sunlight.

The Return of Snake

There’s no point denying it - everyone’s favourite feature of the original Nokia 3310 was the Snake game. We may live in a world of blockbuster mobile games like Pokemon Go and Mario Rush, but nothing can ever compete with the charm of Nokia Snake.

The Snake you know and love has been updated - it now takes full advantage of the colour display, and is even more fun than you remember. Purchase the new Nokia 3310 at your own risk, as you’re about to become addicted to Snake all over again.

Nokia 3310 Snake

Nokia 3310 Camera

Nokia 3310 Camera

Another new addition to the Nokia 3310 is a rear-mounted 2MP camera, because even with a basic phone, you never know when you’ll be in the middle of a perfect photo opportunity. With an LED flash also present, you can now capture every special memory, day or night.

In addition to this, there’s also an mp3 player to ensure you’re never without tunes wherever your day may take you. The new Nokia 3310 comes with 16GB of internal storage for all those photos and tracks, which can be boosted to 32GB via microSD card.