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O2 Upgrade Deals

Upgrade to the latest smartphone device with O2. Offering affordable and premium devices, our O2 mobile contract deals are some of the best online.

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Can I upgrade with Mobiles.co.uk?

Yes. If you’re already a customer with O2, you’re able to upgrade through Mobiles.co.uk, whether or not you got your contract via us to begin with.

How do I go about upgrading via Mobiles.co.uk?

If you want to take out a new deal with O2, all you need to do is browse the upgrade deals available, and let us sort out the rest. Because you’re choosing to upgrade, you’ll remain on the same network, and keep the same number.

Can I keep the phone I currently have?

If you’re happy with your existing phone, but want a different tariff, your best option is to upgrade to a SIM only deal. Browse our O2 SIM only deals right here.

Do I receive a new SIM card with an upgrade order?

If you order a new handset for your upgrade, there’s a chance that your new phone may need a different sized SIM. As part of your order, we’ll send you an O2 multi-SIM which can be broken down to fit any SIM slot, from iPhones to Android devices.

I’m on a SIM only tariff. Can I upgrade to a handset deal?

The term ‘upgrading’ really just refers to the process of continuing your current connection. Therefore if you want to move from SIM-only to handset, or vice-versa, it’s simple to do so. Just be aware that a handset contract is likely to incur a higher monthly bill than SIM only.

Can I keep the phone I currently have?

O2 upgrade contracts offer all the same benefits as new O2 contracts. These include Priority Rewards and Tickets, offering you monthly treats and priority event booking. For a complete look at the perks of O2, take a look at our O2 blog.

When am I able to upgrade with O2?

O2 allow you to upgrade 30 days before the end of your contract. You can check the exact time of your upgrade eligibility by logging into your O2 user account, either online or through the O2 app.

Can I upgrade early with O2?

Yes, with O2 you can upgrade up to 30 days before your contract is due to end. Log into your O2 account to learn your exact upgrade eligibility date. Alternatively, you can upgrade before your eligibility date, but this will incur a termination fee equivalent to your remaining line rental.

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*The voucher code SAVE10UPG is limited to contract and upgrade phone deals with an upfront cost of £10 and above. SAVE10UPG voucher cannot be used with any iPhone X or in conjunction with any other offers, including but not limited to cashback and voucher code sites. In the event a voucher is used, other cashback and voucher codes will be superseded by this offer. Voucher codes do not apply discount to monthly line rental. Mobiles.co.uk reserve the right to decline voucher offers, which do not follow our terms and conditions outlined.