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Refurbished Samsung Phone Deals

Buying a refurbished Samsung is a great way to get all those Galaxy features for a fraction of the price. Choose from the Samsung Galaxy handsets available, and enjoy Samsung quality at a lower price point.

*Monthly price (+out of bundle charges for Vodafone) will increase every April by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation +3.9%

*Monthly price (+out of bundle charges for Vodafone) will increase every April by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation +3.9%

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Everything you need to know about refurbished Samsung phones

What are refurbished Samsung phones?

What is a refurbished phone?

A Samsung refurbished handset is a phone which has been used, sent back to us, and listed for resale at a dropped price. These handsets are returned during the cooling-off period when a customer changes their mind, but they’re occasionally sent back due to a technical fault.

When a fault is detected, our experts comprehensively recondition the phone, so when it’s listed for resale, it’s in optimum condition. If you want to enjoy the latest handsets Samsung has to offer at lower price point, a refurbished Samsung phone is the perfect choice.

Benefits of Samsung refurbished phones

Benefits of refurbished phones

With a refurb Samsung Galaxy, you’ll enjoy the same level of coverage as you would with a new smartphone. That includes a 14-day cooling off period, during which you can change your mind and return your handset.

Samsung refurbished phones also benefit from a one-year warranty, so if you encounter any technical issues in this time, we’ll arrange a repair for free. If there are any faults which develop in the first month after purchase, you’ll get a replacement phone at no extra cost.

Refurb Samsung Galaxy - What’s in the box?

What’s included in the box?

Due to the nature of refurb stock, we can’t guarantee the inclusion of accessories – particularly earphones, which are excluded for hygiene purposes. However, every refurbished Samsung will come with a charger, so you can power up your handset as soon as it arrives.

You’ll receive your refurbished Samsung handsets in an un-branded box, rather than the original Samsung packaging. However, if you don’t mind nondescript packing materials, or sourcing your accessories separately – our refurbished handsets are well worth the savings.

Samsung Refurbished vs New

Refurbished vs New

Our refurbished Samsung handsets are sold in immaculate condition, so it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a refurbished smartphone, and a brand new one. A refurbished Samsung will arrive in a non-branded box, but this is likely to be the only giveaway.

While brand-new Samsung handsets do come in their unopened boxes with all the accompanying accessories you’d expect – these smartphones are sold at full price. That means you won’t enjoy the same savings you would with a refurbished Samsung device.

FAQS - Everything you need to know about refurbished Samsung Galaxy

Do refurbished Samsung galaxy phones come with a warranty?

Yes – refurbished Samsung handsets come with a one-year warranty, just like a new phone. Enjoy free repairs if your Samsung develops a fault within 12 months of purchase, or a simple phone swap if it presents problems in the first month.

Are refurbished Samsung phones cheaper?

Yes – as they’re not fresh out of the original box, refurbished Samsung phones are always cheaper than their brand-new counterparts. Choosing a refurbished handset is a great way to enjoy the latest tech from Samsung if you’re working to a budget.

Does this mean these refurb Samsung galaxy phones were faulty?

No – refurbished Samsung phones are more likely the result of a customer changing their mind and returning their handset, during the 14-day cooling off period. Occasionally, handsets are returned due to a technical fault, but they’re completely reconditioned, making them as-new.

Are Samsung refurbished phones ever ‘used’ or ‘second-hand’?

At, we never sell second-hand or previously-owned handsets. That means you won’t ever receive a worn-out handset. If you purchase a secondhand phone from an online marketplace, you risk issues like cracks, scratches or even a poor battery life.

Do refurbished phones last?

Refurbished phones are fully inspected by experts and reconditions where required to ensure they’re in full working order. What’s more they arrive with the same warranty protection as new handsets, so you can expect the same longevity, performance and cover with a refurbished phone.

What's the difference between refurbished and new Samsung?

You can expect your refurbished Samsung phone to be in the same perfect working order as a new Samsung handset. The only difference is that refurbished handsets arrive in a generic box as opposed to the original branded packaging, and certain accessories such as earphones may not be included.