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Galaxy S20 128GB Cloud Pink (Front)
Galaxy S20 128GB Cloud Pink (Back)

Samsung Galaxy S20 128GB Cloud Pink

Choose colour
Recommended upgrade deal on Vodafone
  • 24GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited
  • £239.99 upfront

In Stock
£ 47.00 Per month / 2 years
SIM Free price only £ 799.99

Our best Samsung Galaxy S20 upgrade deals

  • 2GB Data
    Unlimited Minutes & Texts
    £19.00 Monthly Cost
    £610.00 Upfront Cost
    £19.00 Monthly Cost
  • 6GB Data
    Unlimited Minutes & Texts
    £21.00 Monthly Cost
    £629.99 Upfront Cost
    £21.00 Monthly Cost
  • 24GB Data
    Unlimited Minutes & Texts
    £35.00 Monthly Cost
    £429.99 Upfront Cost
    £35.00 Monthly Cost
  • Unlimited Data
    Unlimited Minutes & Texts
    £42.00 Monthly Cost
    £309.99 Upfront Cost
    £42.00 Monthly Cost
  • 24GB Data
    Unlimited Minutes & Texts
    £47.00 Monthly Cost
    £239.99 Upfront Cost
    £47.00 Monthly Cost
  • Unlimited Data
    Unlimited Minutes & Texts
    £54.00 Monthly Cost
    £189.99 Upfront Cost
    £54.00 Monthly Cost
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Everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 Display

Samsung Galaxy S20 Display

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is made to entertain, featuring a large 6.2-inch Infinity-O Display for maximum immersion in your favourite content. Whether you’re watching movies or playing games, you’ll enjoy crisp and detailed images, accompanied by AKG stereo speakers.

This epic display stretches edge-to-edge across the front of device, providing big-screen entertainment while maintaining a sleek and compact design. The 10MP front facing camera is housed in a punch-hole opening, to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera

Capture the world around you, with the triple lens camera on the Samsung Galaxy S20. Combining a 64MP telephoto lens, with two 12MP wide-angle lenses, you can experiment with 30x zoom, scenic panoramas, and even get great results after dark with Night Mode.

Switch to video, and you’ll be shooting Hollywood-ready movies with an enormous 8K resolution. There’s Pro Video Mode and Super Steady 2.0 on board to keep your results free from blur, and you can convert video images into 32MP stills with zero fuss.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Power

Samsung Galaxy S20 Power

Working behind the scenes, the Samsung Galaxy S20 packs a 4,000mAh battery to keep you going throughout your day. Using intelligent power management, it directs energy away from unused apps, while SuperFast charging means you won’t be left waiting around with your charger.

Browsing the web, watching movies and playing mobile will all be a smooth experience, thanks to the heavy duty Exynos 990 processor alongside 8GB RAM. If you need extra storage, you can boost the on-board capacity by up to 1TB extra via Micro SD card (sold separately).

Samsung Galaxy S20 Features

Samsung Galaxy S20 Features

Discover a new user interface on the Samsung Galaxy S20, in the form of One UI 2. With an uncluttered screen, well-defined icons, and simple navigation, it’s easier to focus on what matters, and get to what you need faster.

The Galaxy S20 also provides access to a wealth of Samsung apps and services, such as Bixby and Bixby Vision. There’s also a Facial Recognition and an Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner, both keeping your handset secure using Samsung Knox technology.

Compare Samsung Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20
Galaxy S20 5G
6.2-inch display 6.2-inch display
64MP triple camera 64MP triple camera
10MP selfie camera 10MP selfie camera
4000mAh battery 4000mAh battery
4G connectivity 5G connectivity
View Deals View Deals
Galaxy S20+ 5G
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
6.7-inch display 6.9-inch display
64MP quad camera 108MP quad camera
10MP selfie camera 40MP selfie camera
4500mAh battery 5000mAh battery
5G connectivity 5G connectivity
View Deals View Deals


What is the difference between Samsung S20, S20 5G, S20 Plus & S20 Ultra?

There are numerous differences between the various handsets in the Galaxy S20 family. You can choose between screen size, camera size, and whether you want a handset that’s 5G ready. To make it easy to compare these handsets, take a look at our S20 family comparison table.

What are the best Samsung Galaxy S20 deals?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is available on a range of deals, but the best one for you will depend on your requirements and budget. View our best S20 deals here, to pick a deal with the right monthly data for you. You can also reduce monthly payments by selecting a higher upfront cost.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 wireless charging?

There’s an impressive 4000mAh battery on board the Samsung galaxy S20, complete with wireless charging capabilities (wireless charging port sold separately). The device also includes the PowerShare feature, so you can wirelessly transfer power to other compatible phones with a tap.

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 waterproof?

With an IP68 dust and water resistant rating, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is able to withstand submersion of up to 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. This makes it more than capable of withstanding everyday spills and splashes, or getting caught in sudden rainfall.

Full Technical Specifications


GPS - Wi Fi - NFC - 4G Ready -

Display & User Interface



MMS - Email


Dimensions - 152 x 69 x 7.9mm - Weight - 163g - - Display Size - 3200x1440 - - Battery Size - 4,000 mAh

Standard Features

Calculator - Clock - Finger Print Recogniton - Face Recognition


Internal Memory - 128GB - Expandable memory - Yes - microSD up to 1TB

Key Features

6.2-inch display - 64MP triple camera - 10MP selfie camera - 4000mAh battery - SuperFast charge - Bixby personal assistant

Product Reviews


37 Reviews

We want to give our customers real advice from real customers. Highlighting the good as well as the not so good points. Our customers are kind enough to take a few minutes out of their busy day to share their experience and opinions of their new smartphone, helping new customers make the right choice for them.

Verified Buyer

Very nice phone with an excellent camera, overall not much size difference to the S7 Edge in dimensions taller & not as wide about the same thickness not far off, has curved edges too. You have border less screen for watching movies etc, the external speaker is the very best sound I have ever heard on a phone or tablet!

Perfect for single hand use anything larger then you will struggle although it does have a 'single hand mode'.

Would recommend this phone to anyone kick's the iPhone 11 or Halliwell pro P30 down the street,super fast, get a large memory card as 8K recording eats up the space 128gb minimum, 256gb even better but the prices get silly after this!

If you download your pictures or cloud storage them regularly then you will be fine with the smaller card, but it depends on your needs & usage I guess?

Finger print scanner is first class not missed one of mine yet, would recommend a sealed case to keep you new phone looking good & preserve most of the value too, you can adjust the sensitivity of the screen for the case you use.

Thanks to swipe actions on the main screen or virtual buttons if you prefer moving between app or tabs is super easy & fast, no screen button so sealing the phone is no problem. 60 or 120hz screen refresh rate, but some options are not usable on faster refresh rate not that you miss them on a small screen, main TV casting then you might see the pixel difference?

Waterproof upto 1.5 meters after this it says the pressure can damage your phone. I wonder if there are sealed underwear cases if not then there should be, would be able to take it a bit deeper with this camera it would be great.

Well took me a longtime to work everything on my old phone, with this one I expect I will still be finding new features still this time next year!

Two criticisms I have is the back of the phone is plastic but if you seal it in a case you would never realise. Also the selfie camera has a punched out hole on the screen let's is down visually but I can live with that as the resolution is a very crisp!


Verified Buyer

The phone itself does everything I was expecting and more. It is fast and no problem whatsoever, the only think that I find annoying is that the digital fingerprint on the screen does not catch my finger most of the time, or I need to place my finger in a veritcal position which is not a natural position when holding the phone on one hand. The face recognisition process does work without a problem.

Verified Buyer

Phones great, has been an awful experience

Verified Buyer

Galaxy S20
Excellent phone with a camera that will change the way you take photo's!

Verified Buyer

Lovely screen. Easy to use.

Verified Buyer

so bad services, mobiles Deception, and fraud......
I bought a new device and I receive a used device!
was with 54GB and I have a text letter from Vodaphone say my data 6gb
That is a steal
it's not the first time 3 month ago I bought an s10 lite 5G with 50GB data
but wasn't 5G
and more...
I have my Evidence by email and bills to prove everything
from tomorrow I want to make groups on social media for a scandal Everything
must everybody know about mobiles

Verified Buyer

I've used galaxy s7edge for 3.5 years and never had an issue with it apart from battery lasting only around 4-7h depending on usage. Now the battery lasts between 6-9h so not much of improvement. Can't see the difference in cameras between s7edge and s20 apart of the fisheye like mode. The down side is that wherever i had poor reception with s7edge there is no reception with s20 - both on vodafone.

Verified Buyer

The phone is great and feels amazing in your hands being light and curved edges. However, I have given this phone 3 stars as the battery life is awful. I have to leave it on power saving mode not having to experience the full potential of the phone so it can last me a day.

Verified Buyer

First of all the phone is gray but it is a nice phone 2nd I went with EE BIG MISTAKE they don't guarantee a signal in your house whats that all about no good to me need out of this contract should of stayed with Vodafone

Verified Buyer

The screen protector is naff - scratched in one week from being on a dog walk with phone in a puffa jacket pocket.
Battery life is nowhere near as good as my Huwaei P20 Pro.
Camera is bigged up beyond necessary hype.