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Why choose the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge?

samsung galaxy s7 edge

According to Samsung, the Galaxy S7 Edge is completely redefining what a phone can do. Not only is it the most powerful Samsung phone on the market, with a staggering 4GB of RAM and a wide range of exciting specs, it also boasts some truly revolutionary features such as contactless Samsung Pay.

Pair it with your Samsung Gear VR for a truly immersive gaming experience, take a stunning motion panorama with the dual-pixel camera or use the curved edge to access apps, texts and photos faster than ever.


The smooth, elegantly curved aluminium unibody of the Galaxy S7 Edge meets the resistant Corning Gorilla Glass seamlessly to create a premium, effortless design. With dual-curved edges, a 5.5-inch display and weighing only 157g, the S7 Edge remains slim and lightweight without sacrificing style. The device is available in five colours, including classic black and a stylish pink gold.

The super AMOLED HD touchscreen features an always-on display, and delivers crisp, vibrant images with 16M colours, a 1440 x 2560-pixel resolution and 534 ppi density.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

Tech specs

samsung galaxy s7 edge

With Samsung's biggest ever battery, the S7 Edge's non-removable Li-ion 3600 mAh battery provides users with 27 hours of talk time and a humungous 74 hours of music. Alongside it's impressive life-span, it's also P68 certified - the highest water and dust resistance setting.

You'll find a huge 4GB of RAM inside, along with Android's latest Marshmallow operating system and an Octa-core 2.3GHz processor. The device is available with 32GB of memory, but an additional memory slot enables the S7 Edge to hold up to 256GB of memory.


The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge's 12MP camera boasts some impressive new features, and the dual-pixel sensor focuses the images at lightning speeds, making it possibly the fastest on the market. The rear camera has an f/1.7 aperture and wide-angle lens, features found in professional cameras, and equating to sharper, clearer and more vivid images - even in the darkest of lighting conditions.

For the front camera, a 5MP ultra-wide lens helps selfie lovers pack more into one shot. With an autofocus, it's also ideal for making Skype calls on the go.

samsung galaxy s7 edge camera

Standout features

Galaxy S7 edge Lifestyle 4 , Samsung Smart phone

The S7 Edge is jam-packed with incredible, innovative new features. Helping it make waves in the mobile world, Samsung's latest smartphone is fully compatible with the Gear VR headset, and the handset's large 5.5-inch display with vivid, rich colours help you completely lose yourself in a brand new world.

A new addition to the camera, Motion Panorama allows users to take videos in a panorama format. Still shots are caught in one sweeping motion, and frames are stitched together to reconstruct movement. See it in action by tilting your phone or swiping the screen sideways.

Two final features focus on charging. Charging can now go wireless, and Quick Charge 2.0 means you get reach 60% battery life in only 30 minutes.

Round up

If you're after the latest cutting-edge technology and ground-breaking features all wrapped up in an exceptional, sleek aluminium unibody then there's no need to look any further than the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

If you're in need of a Samsung phone that's a little less premium, take a look at our other Samsung deals. Every Samsung phone houses a reliable core and high-quality display, so which ever phone you choose we'll be able to find the perfect contract deal for you.

samsung galaxy s7 edge

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