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Design and Display

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge super-sizes the regular S7 display to a massive 5.5 inches. This Quad HD screen is perfect for movies, games and YouTube videos, as well as offering extra functionality from the edge mounted display.

Smooth to touch, and comfortable to hold, the Galaxy S7 Edge features a precision-engineered combination of curved glass and metal. This creates a sturdy and seamless unibody that’s both stylish and water resistant.

refurbished samsung galaxy s7 edge screen

Dual Pixel Camera

refurbished samsung galaxy s7 edge camera

The 12MP dual pixel sensor on the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge can focus as quickly and accurately as the human eye. This means you can enjoy quality snaps at any time of day, even indoors or after sunset when there’s less natural light.

To the front of the handset is a 5MP ultra-wide lens that’s ideal for selfie lovers everywhere. Fit more friends into every shot with this wide-angled camera, or make impressive Skype calls on the go thanks to smart autofocus.

Hardware and Power

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge hardware

Whether you’re launching apps, streaming content, or multi-tasking on the web, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has the power to keep up. With an octa-core processor and 4GB RAM on board, it boasts a CPU that’s up to 30% faster than the previous Galaxy flagship.

To keep you entertained for longer, the S7 Edge has a heavy-duty battery, accompanied by wireless fast-charging capabilities for extra convenience. With the addition of a microSD slot, you’ll also have the option to add extra storage and increase your handset’s capacity.