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Why buy a Samsung smartphone?

Samsung main image

Available in lots of shapes and sizes, there's a Samsung smartphone to suit every need. From premium releases bursting with technology, like the Galaxy Note 4, to wallet friendly smartphones like the Fame and Young, you're sure to find a handset you'll like.

In this guide, we pick out our favourite innovations you need to know about. Are you ready?

first for Samsung smartphones

Forefront of technology

Forefront of technology - Samsung Features

Packing features such as fingerprint scanners and heart rate sensors, Samsung offers some of the most exciting technology we’ve ever encountered in a smartphone. Not only does this make Samsung phones fun and unique, but these new features also offer great practical uses, making their handsets better than ever!

Currently available on the very latest releases, Samsung’s built in fingerprint scanner differs to the iPhone’s Touch ID in the way it’s utilised, involving a swipe rather than a press. But the system is used in the same way on the handset, supplying an extra line of defence for access to the crux of the phone.

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Best for business

Boasting the Galaxy Note product line on its books, Samsung provides one of the best business smartphones available today. Offering a huge screen capable of displaying documents, files and presentations, all of which can be edited and annotated through use of the S-Pen, the Note franchise can handle a number of tasks at the touch of a button.

Plenty of features from the Note series are also geared heavily towards helping you out in the work place, with multi-window, being an obvious one. Allowing users to browse a number of apps on the one screen, you can handle all of those work emails alongside the latest sales report from the higher ups without having to switch between the two!

Round-up: Best S Pen features on the Note 4

Best for business - Samsung

Lots of smart features

  • Samsung Smart Features

    Smart Features

    Samsung has gone all out to ensure that your smartphone is as smart as it can be, implementing a number of features to help you navigate your handset better than ever before. The likes of Smart Scroll, Smart Stay and Smart Pause are all included on the latest Samsung devices, making them unique in the busy smartphone market.

  • Smart Scroll - Samsung

    Smart Scroll

    By tracking your eyes and face movements, the Smart Scroll feature actually lets you read pages upon pages of information without even touching the display.

    You can scroll down or up using the feature by simply tilting your head down to the bottom of the display. Better yet, if you want to change the speed of your scrolling simply adjust the speed slider on your screen during Smart Scroll to suit your needs.

  • Smart Stay - Samsung

    Smart Stay

    Ideal if you find yourself on your phone almost all hours of the day, Smart Stay works once more by tracking your eye movements but in a more subtle way compared to Smart Scroll.

    Your Samsung phone will keep tracking your eye movements so that the screen stays nice and bright when you’re looking at it, but dimming down when you aren’t. This feature is not only cool, but actually saves a huge amount of battery juice over the day.

  • Smart Pause

    Smart Pause

    Extremely similar to the Smart Stay feature, Smart Pause kicks into action whilst you’re playing video files.

    When you have your eyes on the video you’re playing, the action will roll as usual, but as soon as you glance away from what you’re watching, your Samsung phone will pause it, as if by magic. So, if your viewing is interrupted during a pivotal moment in your favourite TV show, your Samsung phone will avoid you having to rewind back to the point you remember last.

Dust and Waterproof Coating

With several handsets boasting IP certified ratings offering dust and water protection, it’s never been safer to take your smartphone into more extreme environments! Samsung has packed the protective technology into nearly all of its flagship devices since the Galaxy S5, a trend that's not going to break anytime soon.

Many of the releases offer up around 30 minutes of submersion down to approximately a metre, and even let you take pictures underwater, making it a great feature for some unique holiday snaps. Whilst we certainly don’t recommend dropping your phone into the bathtub, swimming pool or toilet on purpose, it won’t spell disaster if you accidentally do!

S Health

S Health - Samsung Features

If you fancy hitting the gym or getting fit, then your Samsung smartphone could really help you out. Featuring the S Health app, your Samsung handset can help track your workouts and even link with your fitness band or watch to help manage your progress.

Handsets such as the Galaxy S5, which offer in-built heart rate monitors, can also be used to help keep an eye on your heart’s rhythm before and after exercise. Plus, with helpful information to guide you through your routine, your Samsung smartphone really can motivate you to get into shape.

Learn more: How to track your fitness using an S5 and Gear Fit


Have you ever lost the TV remote down the side of the sofa, or had a little one hide it goodness knows where? Luckily, this isn’t a problem if you pack a Samsung handset in your pocket, thanks mainly to the WatchON app.

The app works through the infrared port on your Samsung device, allowing you to change channels, volume and even turn your television on and off.

As featured in: Ten Galaxy S4 tips and tricks.

WatchON on Samsung smartphones

Optical Zoom

Optical Zoom on Samsung camera

Available on the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, this feature is restricted only to the most camera-centric smartphones on the market. Packing a whopping 20.7 megapixels, the optical zoom on the Galaxy K Zoom physically extends from the handset to offer outstanding picture quality.

Unlike other regular smartphone cameras, the optical zoom offers unparalleled sharpness when zoomed into full capacity, meaning you won’t see any blurred pictures when you try and get closer to the action. So if you’re after one of the most powerful smartphone cameras on the market, give Samsung a try!

Learn more: Camera features on the Galaxy K Zoom.

Air Gesture

Air Gesture - Samsung Features

A great feature if you fancy keeping your touch screen display in immaculate condition. Air Gesture works as a hands-free way of using your phone; super-useful if you have your erm, hands full.

Using sensors built into many recent Samsung handsets, waving at your phone can answer calls, whilst holding your finger over pictures or other areas of your screen can zoom in or even highlight details quickly and easily. Simply put, it’s a great feature that can help you keep in touch with your contacts regardless of how busy you are.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Being one of the biggest mobile manufacturers on the market, it was definitely no surprise to see Samsung bring out its own wearable hardware to help the trend get going. What it gave us was Samsung Galaxy Gear, recently sporting its very own operating system - Tizen.

Learn more: Tizen - Samsung's OS to challenge Android?

The wearable tech offers plenty of practical features, like displaying text messages and other vital information from your Samsung smartphone right onto your wrist. Newer watches like the Galaxy Gear Fit offer improved health based features, linking perfectly with S Health, whilst the Galaxy Gear S offers a curved screen alongside the smartest wearable experience to date. And all of this works seamlessly with Tizen, a new operating system loaded with apps.

Check out: Our guide to Tizen wearables.

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Samsung Galaxy smartphones

So do you really need any more reason to go and grab yourself the latest Galaxy phone? With features like these it’s easy to see why Samsung are one of the most popular manufactures in the world. So, if you fancy picking one up, you can check out all of our brilliant Galaxy smartphones here!

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