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Why buy an Apple iPhone?

Apple iPhone

One of the biggest brands in the technology scene, Apple’s iPhones regularly create a high demand for their latest products.

So, if you don’t happen to have one already, what reasons are there for you to pick up an iPhone when your contract comes to an end? We’ve thought of a few to get you started…

First for Apple iPhones


Who doesn’t like the idea of unlocking your phone using a James Bond-style fingerprint scanner? Touch ID was the first piece of smartphone technology to turn this idea into a practical reality on our smartphones.

Featuring originally on the iPhone 5s and since finding its way onto the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, Touch ID is still the market leader in mobile fingerprint technology. Several other manufacturers have attempted to match Touch ID, but each has struggled to match the iPhone feature’s ease of use and reliability.

With the ability to unlock your phone and pay for apps, at the same time as keeping your iPhone safe from hackers, Apple’s TouchID is a must have on your next mobile device.

Find out more: TouchID on the Apple iPhone.


Ever wanted to have a chat with your phone rather than just through it? Well, you can, by using Siri.

Never before has finding an answer to a question been so easy. Instead of scouring the internet to find that actor or where your nearest Domino’s is, Siri can tell you in the blink of an eye.

Siri even has a sense of humour, so if you get bored you can ask it to tell a joke, or even have a conversation with it!

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Siri - Voice technology

Apple Watch

  • Apple wearable tech

    Wearable technology

    Finally entering the wearable market after so many years of rumours, Apple introduced the Apple Watch to the world alongside the iPhone 6. Offering a number of unique features, it could well start the trend within the mainstream consumer market upon release.

  • Apple smartwatch design


    With three different versions, the Apple Watch is suited to any budget and any taste. Also coming in two different sizes, you won’t be struggling for to find one that suits you.

    Plus, with multiple interchangeable watch straps to choose from means, if you’re after a sturdy fitness band, or a classy professional time piece, you can really make your style is suited to your own personal taste.

  • Apple Watch features


    Boasting over 2 million combinations of downloadable and customisable watch faces, the Apple Watch can display the things you need most at a quick glance.

    Whether it’s the date, time or even your upcoming events, it can all be found on your wrist. Also, messages, emails and even calls can be made through your device if connected to your iPhone, whilst the heart rate monitor on the inside of the strap can be used for fitness tracking purposes.

  • iPhone Watch - Make calls, send texts and track your fitness.


    Keeping Apple’s user-friendly mantra in mind, the UI is still simple and easy to use without apps clogging up its smaller display. The digital crown handles scrolling and navigation through menus, whilst the touch screen display is still completely active as well. With added touch sensitivity, your Apple Watch will be able to define a tap from a press instantly, and work accordingly to make for a smooth and easy user experience.

iOS 8

iOS 8 is Apple's the latest operating system.

Apple’s very own operating system, iOS 8 is the latest piece of software to come out out their california headquarters, and it’s already looking like one of the best updates ever. Adding features like Health and HomeKit, iOS 8 is packed full of useful apps and boasts a beautiful new design.

The introduction of third party keyboards and more Touch ID integration also makes iOS incredibly practical and natural to use, whilst the already stellar notification system has been improved even more. In terms of software, iOS is is a leader in it's field.

Find my iPhone

If you’ve ever misplaced your phone, you’ll know the feeling of panic when your first realise you can’t find it. Luckily the iPhone has a built-in feature to help you keep a track of your devices, as long as they’re all Apple made.

Whether it’s your trusty old 4s, brand new 6 Plus or even your iPad, The find Find my iPhone app is there to keep them all in check. You can log in to any of your devices to see where the others are, so if you leave one on the bus or at work, you can track it quickly and easily.

You can even send messages or make your phone ring, in case you simply can’t find your phone in your bedroom!

Find my iPhone - Track your iPhone if it ever gets lost.

Family Sharing

Family Sharing - Share your apps, ebooks and music with family.

Family Sharing is one of the iPhone’s newer features, and one which offers much more than you might think. By activating it you can share music libraries, podcasts and even your favourite TV shows with a select group of people, saving you time and money!

You can set up an iCloud-based photo album for the family, displaying all of those embarrassing baby pictures next to more classy Facebook profile picture candidates. Plus, if you need to organise your joint schedules, you can do that through your calendar apps as well, so you won’t be forgetting about any birthdays or anniversaries anytime soon!

iSight Camera

One of the most important features of our smartphone is it's camera. But instead of the standard lens that’s simply been packed full of megapixels, Apple has included its very own iSight camera on its iPhone and iPad models.

The iSight cameras pack a hefty punch in the software department, making it plenty powerful for any Instagram addict. Plus, if you find yourself taking more selfies than the average person, have a look at the FaceTime feature which captures snaps in surprisingly good quality!

iSight camera

App Store

Being such a big brand, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that the App Store is one of the biggest around. With over a million apps to choose from in the iOS based store, you can rest assured that, whatever you’re looking for, there’ll be an app for it.

Organised easily into different categories and sortable through price, you can take a quick glance at the week’s most popular downloads or find the biggest apps on the global market. Plus, with Apple’s strict app policy and superb security, the standard of apps tend to be at a higher quality.

App Store- Download your favourite apps from the biggest App shop.


Building a collection of Apple based products? Lucky for you, the iCloud feature has you covered, storing all of your documents, images and tracks you’ve been handling at work in one easy to reach location that you can access no matter where you are.

All of your Apple devices are kept in sync with one another thanks to this great feature, so if you’re surfing the web on your iPad and save a bookmark, you can find it just as easily on your iPhone. Plus, if you save any documents to your free account, you can view them on any available Apple device, meaning you’re never too far from your files regardless of what handset you started them on!

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Store images and documents on iCloud and sync with all devices

Apple Pay – The Future?

The latest and one of the most intriguing features destined for the mobile market is Apple Pay, a function which will disrupt the payment market for the good. Apple Pay works through NFC (near field communication), allowing your phone to pay for items via contactless communication, without compromising any of your security details.

Utilising Touch ID to verify your payment, the feature works instantly and stores your data in the most secure area of your phone which isn’t accessibly by Apple. Already looking promising, this could finally signal the end of our wallets and purses, instead basing all of our cards on the Passbook app!

So, after all that can you really come up with a reason not to invest in an iPhone? Boasting unrivalled features, superb specs and accessories up to your eyeballs (or iBalls?), Apple packs more than enough to convince you into grabbing one of the most popular handsets on the globe!

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Apple Pay

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