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Google Pixel 5 5G

Colour: Just Black Size: 128GB
In Stock
Get ready to experience ultra-fast download speeds because the Google Pixel 5 is 5G ready. Take studio-quality photos with the dual-lens 16MP camera and the 8MP front-facing camera. Plus, watch your favourite entertainment on the go with the 6-inch OLED display. ... Read More
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Everything you need to know about the Google Pixel 5 5G

Google Pixel 5 Display

Google Pixel 5 Display

The Google Pixel 5 features a huge 6-inch FHD+ display, giving you the opportunity to enjoy movies, box-sets and mobile games with stunning playback. The large display is also great for browsing the web, and fits more of your social media feed in every scroll.

With 5G connectivity on the handset, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favourite entertainment on-the-go with less waiting around. Get downloads in a fraction of the time, stream content without the annoying lag or buffering time, and experience smooth and seamless gameplay.

Google Pixel 5 Camera

Google Pixel 5 Camera

Take studio-quality photos without the need for editing, with the easy-to-use camera on the Google Pixel 5. Combining a 12MP wide lens, and 16MP ultra-wide lens, you’re ready to capture portraits with impressive detail, and snap expansive scenery with more in every shot.

Packed with photography features, the camera system is well equipped to deal with low-light scenarios after dark, and is even capable of capturing shots of the Milky Way. The handset also features a wide-angled 8MP selfie camera, with an impressive 84 degree field of view.

Google Pixel 5 Power

Google Pixel 5 Power

Built to cope with the demands of superfast 5G, the Google Pixel 5 has the power required to keep up with your day. Featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM765 processor, 8GB RAM and the Android 11 operating system, the Pixel 5 is all set for gaming sessions and multitasking demands.

The handset also boasts a 4080mAh adaptive battery, which offers efficient power management to provide up to 24 hours use. The handset also features fast wireless charging capabilities, and a reverse charging feature which allows you to share power with compatible devices.

Google Pixel 5 Features

Google Pixel 5 Features

Organise your day with the intelligent Google Assistant on the Google Pixel 5. Simply squeeze the sides of the handset, or say “Hey Google” to make voice activated commands, such as setting reminders, navigating a route, or sending a text, to name just a few features.

Security is another big feature on the Google Pixel 5, handled by a fingerprint scanner and backed up by the custom-made Titan-M chip. This ensures your personal files and data are protected against the most recent threats, and is strengthened by three years of security and OS updates.

Compare Google Pixel Range

Pixel 5
Pixel 4a 5G
6-inch display 6.2-inch display
16MP main camera 16MP main camera
8MP front camera 8MP front camera
4080mAh battery 3800mAh battery
5G connectivity 5G connectivity
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Pixel 4a
Pixel 4
5.8-inch display 5.7-inch display
12MP main camera 12MP main camera
8MP front camera 8MP front camera
3140mAh battery 2800mAh battery
4G connectivity 4G connectivity
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Product Reviews


66 Reviews

We want to give our customers real advice from real customers. Highlighting the good as well as the not so good points. Our customers are kind enough to take a few minutes out of their busy day to share their experience and opinions of their new smartphone, helping new customers make the right choice for them.

Verified Buyer

Coming from a 6.5" Honor 8X I have to be honest I wasn't sure at first whether I made the right decision to get the Pixel 5, especially after reading some of the reviews out there. However, in less than a week the phone has really grown on me. Sure it lacks some flagship features but here's the thing... it just works! The user experience is one of the best I've come across (having tried almost every phone brand) and the simplicity of the vanilla Android set up simply can't be beaten. Sure, it's a smaller phone than I'm used to and I am a little upset that speaker volume is not as loud as I would like but that's why you have earbuds and larger devices for watching videos, etc. For a phone it simply does the job it should with no fuss and that's what matters.

Verified Buyer

The Google Pixel 5 is great value for money. The battery is excellent and lives up to the 2 days of use the critics are talking about. The screen is bright and colourful and looks good. Being a Google phone it will receive 3 years of new operating system updates and Security patches before any other manufacturer. And the camera is great for day time shots. The Pixel 5 is a capable little phone for a good price.

Verified Buyer

Coming from a Pixel 3 to the Pixel 5 is disappointing. Though the phone is 2 generations newer overall the Pixel 3 is better. They're very similar phones and so compared to most phones the Pixel 5 is still great, but it's flaws makes me regret my decision to "upgrade".

Some of it's faults.

Screen colour. White is not white but has a greenish tint unless at full brightness. Pixel 3 has beautiful colouring overall, though slightly red at times. Pixel 5 white colouring is truly awful. it encourages you to use the dark setting to save battery life but secretly I think it is so you don't have to look at the ugly whites all the time. Blacks are also not as deep as the Pixel 3.

Speaker at the bottom of the phone is poor compared to the front facing stereo speakers of the Pixel 3.

Camera is very similar to Pixel 3 but I took 6 different shots to compare between the 2 phones and in a blind test to see which is better I choose the Pixel 3 on every occasion except one. The camera on the Pixel 5 is good but somehow has not improved in quality in 2 generations.

For some reason the two button navigation of the Pixel 3 is not available on the Pixel 5 which in my opinion is the best way to control the phone. Swiping from the edges to go back is not great particularly when scrolling through photos etc as you accidently keep going back.

The buttons on the side feel cheap and filmsy compared to the Pixel 3.

Any improvements with the Pixel 5? I think battery life will be better but I've not had it long enough for thorough testing. The screen is slightly larger with less bezel. I like the wide angle camera. More storage. And that's it.

If you're coming from a cheap phone, the Pixel 5 is great. If you are coming from a decent phone, especially one with a nice coloured screen, well unless green is your colour, I wouldn't recommend. I'm within 14 days and might send it back.

Verified Buyer

I made the upgrade from a Pixel 3 and I must say, I'm pretty disappointed. Once I transferred all the settings over I feel like I'm using exactly the same phone. You expect exciting new features and upgrades after 2 years and two models later, but no. The Pixel 3 felt like a leap, and the camera was extraordinary, but the 5 has barely moved on.

Overall, I'm pretty underwhelmed and I'm sure there will be other flagship phones with the 'wow' factor out there.

That said, I am fairly hooked into the Google ecosystem now as I do enjoy unlimited downloads to Google photos (although no longer in the highest quality - you don't get owt for nowt these days). I can't imagine fiddling around with an sd card and uploads anymore, so that's a plus.

Verified Buyer

Recieved the pixel 5, easy to set up, transferred all the apps and was working great. However 2 days after receiving the phone I turned it off to fit a screen protector at which point the phone would turn back on and was just stuck on the Goggle logo.

After contacting Google support, they advised the phone was broken and a new one would be issued.

Hopefully this new one will work great but so far it's my experience with the pixel 5 has been really poor.

Verified Buyer

This is a really good phone, only disappointing part is that it will not directly cast to non Google devices so my Sonos speakers and Samsung TV and Samsung Soundbar all need a third party application to cast to them whereas most android phones have this built in, a backward step from Google my Samsung S9 did this fine.

Verified Buyer

Love this phone. The size of the phone is perfect, I was a bit worried coming from a samsung s10 which is larger but I prefer the pixel 5. The phone itself is brilliant, everything runs fast and smooth. The quality of the camera is fantastic and the battery life on this phone is incredible.

Verified Buyer

excellent value for money, and a really intelligent powerful phone.
the second pixel i have had now, i waited for this version to come out as it had the fingerprint scanner which i find so helpful.
the camera is amazing too.
cant recommend this phone enough!

Verified Buyer

Ordered black one. Delivery was very quick and as an amazing deal. Phone is excellent and don't let the specs discourage you from buying this phone. It is extremely capable and if you want a more refined android experience then this is the phone to buy.

Verified Buyer

I have transferred over from IPhone to the Google pixel 5. The handset is not too big, pictures are great and it's easy to use. Not as hard as I thought it would be. The battery life is so much better too!