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Sim free smartphones

SIM Free Phones

Looking for a cheaper way to reduce your monthly bills? Why not buy your unlocked handset upfront, and combine with a SIM-only deal for reduced network charges each month. Buying a SIM free phone is also the perfect option if you're still in contract, but just can't wait to get your hands on the newest release.

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Guide to SIM free phones

What is a SIM free phone?

What does it mean?

SIM free means you only receive the handset, and no network or fixed contract is attached to the phone. This means you are able to decide which network you would like to use, based on your own personal preferences, or the best coverage in your area.

To receive and make calls and texts and use data you'll then need a SIM card. You can get one as part of a SIM-only contract which can range from 1 month to 12 months or a Pay As You Go SIM.

Can I use any SIM card with a SIM free phone?

Yes, with our handset only deals you can! Here at, we provide unlocked SIM free phones, so you don't have to worry about being tied to a particular network. Just make sure you pick up the right type of SIM! There are currently 3 types in use - a Mini SIM (often referred to as a 'Standard SIM'), a Micro SIM and a Nano SIM.

A lot of the newest flagship phones use the smaller Nano SIM. Many of our SIM cards are also available as Multi SIMs. A Multi SIM is a three-in-one SIM with perforations in the plastic so you can simply push-out the size of SIM you require.

If you don't have a SIM card or are looking to change your network provider or plan, then why not check out our SIM Only deals.


What are the benefits of SIM free phones?

SIM free benefits!

SIM free mobile phones are perfect for reducing your monthly phone bills, enabling you to control how many texts, minutes and data you can get through without being tied down to a longer contract. They provide flexibility, and SIM-only contracts can be as short as 1 month.

With a SIM free phone, you completely own the handset. This means you can pick up the likes of the newest iPhone or Samsung release at any time, without having to wait for an upgrade or for your existing contract to end.

We also offer a range of refurbished SIM free handsets which means you can still get some of the best cheap SIM free phones on the market at a reduced upfront cost.

Who should consider a SIM free phone?

Anybody who is happy with their existing SIM only contract or PAYG SIM but wants a new handset or doesn't want to commit to a two year contract to get their hands on a phone. No long term commitment is required with SIM free phones, so they are also ideal for people whose mobile usage varies throughout the year, for example those who travel a lot.

As SIM free phones come with a variety of price-tags, they're also the perfect way to pick up a cheap phone for a spare, or as an emergency handset for the glovebox. Budget-friendly SIM free mobile phones are also pefect for tech newbies or elderly relatives who want to give smartphones a go, without making a long-term commitment. If you do have the latest flagship in sight, take a moment to work out the contact's total cost - it may turn out that buying a phone only deal and pairing with a SIM only deal is cheaper in the long run.

It's also worth considering if you'd prefer to pay for your phone in one go, or via monthly bill. If you'd rather spread the cost out over a longer period, then one of our great contract phone deals might be better for you.

Is SIM free for you?

What's the difference between a SIM free and unlocked phone?

SIM free Vs Unlocked

Unlocked phones aren't tied to a network, SIMs from any provider can be used with the phone or swapped back and forth without a problem.

SIM free mobile phones are also sold without a SIM card, despite this a handset could still be tied to one specific network unless it is advertised as being unlocked, meaning you would have to get a SIM from a particular provider.

At every SIM free phone we offer is unlocked, meaning you can combine a handset and SIM only deal that suits you no matter the manufacturer or network provider.

With our unlocked SIM free phones, you'll have zero delay getting yourself connected.


Are SIM free phones unlocked?

An unlocked phone is one that will work with any network SIM. All SIM free phones sold by are unlocked, so you can use them with any of the major UK networks. However please note that all Apple handsets will lock to the network of the first SIM inserted, so be sure you only use the SIM you intend to continue with. All other unlocked SIM free phones don't have this restriction.

My contract has run out - can I use my existing SIM in my new SIM free phone?

You can use any connected SIM with a SIM free phone, but letting an old connection roll after the contract has ended isn't the best value for money. With a SIM free phone you have the freedom to change to a SIM only deal, either via new deal, upgrading, or transferring (porting) your number to another network.

Can I make my existing phone 'SIM free'

If you want to use your existing phone with a new SIM, you'll just have to check that it's unlocked. You can do this by calling your network, who can also advise you regarding unlocking the phone if necessary. Although there are usually phone-unlocking services available on most high streets, be aware that doing this independently can invalidate the warranty.

Can SIM free phones be used on any network?

As SIM free phones are unlocked, they can be used on any of the major UK networks. As mentioned, iPhones will lock to the network of the first SIM inserted, so be sure to only insert the SIM you plan to use.

I'm still in contract with a network, can I change to SIM free now?

If you're still in contract, you'll need to honour this before changing your deal. If you want to terminate your contract early, you'll need to contact your network to enquire regarding an early termination fee.

What's the difference between SIM free and Pay As You Go?

Pay As You Go phones come with a SIM that can be topped up with credit - there's no contract attached and you just pay for what you want to use. SIM free phones don't arrive with a SIM, and it's your decision as to what type of SIM you'd like to pair with your phone only deal.

Do SIM free phones have a warranty?

All SIM free phones come with the same warranty as contract phones. This includes a 12 month warranty with ourselves that doesn't affect the manufacturer's warranty. If your handset develops a fault within the first month, we'll offer a free exchange. Outside of the first month you can book the phone in for a free repair at your local Carphone Warehouse store.

Round up

If you're happy with your existing SIM, want to purchase a new phone without getting into a longer term contract or require flexibility with your texts, minutes and data then a cheap SIM free phone could be the right choice for you!

SIM free round up

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